How to Hide a Windows XP Computer from Network Neighborhood

Posted August 2, 2006 by Rob Rogers in Windows networking

If you want to share files from an XP computer but you do not want it
to show up in the Network Neighborhood, follow the steps provided in the following tutorial.

1. Click Start -> Run, and type cmd. Then click OK.

2. In the command prompt box, type the following command:
net config server /hidden:yes

3. Now, your XP computer is hidden in the Network Neighborhood.


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  • sunil

    this is the good soluation


    pls tell me ever tip send me my email id

  • Cpeterka

    Amd wjat’s the solution for Vista ?

    • Sam

      The above command works fine for me. (Vista Home)

    • FlapjackMartley

      Who cares? Load XP, wait and see if Windows 7 is worth using. If your PC can’t handle XP, sell it on eBay.

  • X32-KIR

    Windows 7 works with this 2 ^^

  • Rizaud

    This command is correct. i havn’t try on my network. but thanks. Always do favor for other people. God really like it.

  • Anonymous

    This Command not Working.

  • Anonymous


  • vikash

    this is a good solution for hidding a solution

    pls. send me every tips of networking and send me at my email id

  • vikash

    Pls. send me every tips of networking at my mail id


  • Meelas

    most best full

  • Cam

    does it stay hidden after i shut down?

    • Emiliorosamolina

      yes it does!!!

    • Emiliorosamolina

      yes it does, to make sure when you start the pc, just go to run, cmd and type net config svr and then enter to see the pc status.

  • Hillarybush

    I use XP Home Edition SP3 and the command does NOT work. When I check back on my router, I’m still visible as a connected participant in my WLAN-environment. Does anybody know why? Thanks a lot

  • bb

    thank u

    this works fine…

  • Fred Kingston


    • Bob

      I’d likew to know also.

  • Addol

    not hidden in my xp.

  • IT support NYC

    I did! But how can I undo this.. ?????

    • He

      erm, maybe
      net config server /hidden:no

      seems obvious really 🙂

  • Me

    @Addol it wont be shown as hidden right away, it will take a little while. If it says the command is successful, be patient.

  • sol emas

    net config server /hidden:no

    its not working…

  • Nick C

    You may have to reset after if it hasn’t changed. Check to see if you typed it right. it just worked net config server /hidden:no

  • Atmesh Mishra

    access is denied

  • Zulfikar Ali

    how to re enable