Android: Setup Hotmail as Push Email Using Exchange ActiveSync

Posted May 31, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Android

If you want to get away from the limitations of POP3 and enjoy instant notification for your Windows Live Hotmail account (plus sync your calendar and contacts as well), setting up your Android device is quite simple.

1. Using your Android device, select the Email application.

2. If it is the first time using the app, it will automatically begin the steps for setting up a new account, if not, tap the Menu button and select Accounts. Tap the Menu button again and select Add account.

3. In the first textbox, input your or email address. In the second textbox, input your account’s password. Select the Manual setup button.

4. Select the Exchange button.

5. In Domain\Username textbox, input a backslash (\) followed by your email address (again). You will not use a domain.

6. Input the account’s password in the Password textbox.

7. Input in the Server textbox.

8. Check both the Use secure connection (SSL) and Accept all SSL certificates checkboxes.

9. Select the Next button.

10. Use the Email checking frequency dropdown and select Automatic (Push).

11. Set the other options to your liking and then select the Next button.

12. Input a name for your account and select the Done button.


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  • Anonymous

    Will this work on HTC Desire S ? and with gmail account ?

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Gmail has its own native app. There is no need to use this method with a Gmail account.

  • Vernand J Glaser

    Worked great! Thank you! I had spent most of one day working with several email accounts that I have trying to get one of them to click. Even my Gmail account didn’t work.

  • J876

    Thankyou for this guide, this is fantastic. Why don’t Microsoft tell hotmail users how to do this in their help files/knowlege base?

  • Sam

    I did exactly what was recommend and it worked fine until Sep 21st. than it stopped suddenly
    any solution will be appreciated

  • Danish Backer

    Worked 🙂

  • jeff

    It doesn’t work on Acer iconia 510 with Android 4.0