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City of Heroes: Disable Annoying Help Pop-ups

Every time you make a new toon in City of Heroes you’re spammed with pop-up after pop-up that assume you have never played the game. Though these pop-ups are good for new players, seasoned veterans do not need them. They will not go away until you’ve received one of every pop-up, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of them.

NOTE: There is no way to disable the pop-ups for your entire account. You will have to disable the pop-ups per toon.

Log in to a toon. Click Menu located above your health meter, and choose Options.

Go to Menu

Make sure you are viewing the General Tab.

Scroll down to Prompts.

Scroll Down To Prompts

Click “Enabled” to the right of Pop Help. This will set it to “Disabled.”

Pop Help

Do the same for “Automatic Help Pop-ups.”

Automatic Help Popups

Click the Apply Now button.

Apply Now

Click the small red X to close the Options window. (The X could be located on the top right or bottom right.)

Small Red X



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