XP: Disable XP Boot Logo

Many people do not like the boot logo covering up what is happening during the XP boot process. This tech-recipe will show how to turn off the boot logo during startup.

Disable XP Boot Logo

You can disable the XP splash screen which will speed up the
overall boot process.

1. Click Start, and then click Run. Type in the following: msconfig.

2. Click BOOT.INI from the top tabs.

3. Go down to Boot Options, and tick /NOGUIBOOT.

4. Click Apply and then OK to close msconfig.

5. You will need to restart your computer for it to take effect.

The splash screen will be gone. It can be re-enabled by unticking /NOGUIBOOT back in the msconfig.

The Conversation

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  • deyamag


  • Matt Liston

    did not change boot time for me, running xp pro on a socket 939 system with a gig of ram and a fresh install with only utility programs installed

  • Anonymous

    i dont see BOOT.INI,there is :SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI

    • 23946

      Same to me

  • Anonymous


  • Saawan2259

    sir disappear the funtion so u can tell me how can i appear those funtion
    my email id saawan2259@gmail.com

  • ArjunSingh

    Yeah You can’t see that boot screen but after disabling boot screen it also takes that much time.

  • Hitesh Darji

    unable to show tick: /NOGUIBOOT option

  • No

    Saved a whole 2 seconds of boot time.
    Now I can do something meaningful with that time.

  • sumit

    nice idea…. sir g.

    can v decrease the time 30 to in 20.. what iffect it will take.