Outlook for Mac 2011: How to Resend a Message

Posted April 25, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Apple Mac, Microsoft Outlook

Initially, the Mac version of Outlook didn’t have the ability to resend a message that a recipient didn’t receive or accidentally deleted. Thankfully, SP1 for Office 2011 includes this functionality.

1. Open Outlook and select Sent Items from the left pane.

2. Find the desired sent message in the list and select it.

3. Go to the menu, click Message and select Resend.

4. The message will open. Make any necessary changes (if any) to the Subject and/or the body and then click the Send button in the Ribbon.

Your message has been resent to the recipient.


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  • Sgtlip

    Thanks, I was looking for this yesterday and couldn’t figure it out. I am a NEW Macbook Pro user and I am finding a lot of things that I can do in Outlook for PC that I can’t do on a Mac. Now I have one less!!!! Thanks

  • Guest

    Not there in my menu, though “Redirect” is there…
    Outlook 14.1.0

  • DJ

    I just moved to a Mac and I keep finding again and again that the Mac is missing so much functionality. I took it for granted how amazing Windows 7 is.

    • Gary K

      It’s the Microsoft mail client that lacks the functionality.

  • mgraff

    That works well when an item is still in the sent folder. However, when the item is moved to another folder, the “resend” function is no longer available. Is my only remedy to move it back to the Sent folder and resend it?

  • its a mystery

    Its not there for me either… Goes from forward special to mark as unread. No redirect or resend… Outlook 14.0.0. DUMB!

  • irgb biefeygc

    resend only available in ‘ SENT ITEMS ‘, at least it exists in some fashion.

  • Michael

    As of 12/1/13 i’ve updated Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011 to the maximum updates I could find on the Microsoft site. All in pursuit of getting the Resend feature working.

    I noticed that at times the Resend feature was available and other times it was not when I tried to use it. Now I believe I’ve traced the variance down. Today, 12/5/13 – i can get the Resend feature on any e-mail previously sent with a date back through 11/25/13. So on sent e-mail sent over the past 11 days the Resend feature appears and works. However for sent e-mail of 11/24/13 and beyond, older than 11 days, only the Redirect feature appears and works.
    Annoying limitation but at least it now makes sense.

  • Regedit_by_hand

    This is an example of the disconnect between office teams. This is a standard feature on almost all mail clients but they couldn’t implement it properly. Strike 2000+ for the MS MAC Office team. I would be embarrassed to work on this team.

    -its really amazing that outlook 2000 could process 50X the email compared to current versions on hardware that was 10x slower.