How to Turn a ViewSonic G Tablet Into a High Performing Device (complete with Google Apps and a Working Market)

Posted February 3, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Android

The ViewSonic G Tablet is an Android tablet that has some great hardware perks like a 1 GHz Dual ARM Cortex-A9 processor, Ultra-low power GeForce GPU, long battery life, etc. Unfortunately, the Tap ‘n Tap software that overlays the Froyo OS is complete junk, there is no Android Market, and none of the Google Apps like Gmail are included. Here’s how to root the device, install a custom ROM and get all of the Google apps (including Market) working like they should.

First, we need to root the device.

1. We will use Z4 Root to accomplish the task. Use your computer to download the software from here.

2. Connect your G Tablet to your computer using USB. You need to have USB debugging enabled on your G Tablet (Go to Settings, Applications, Development, and check the USB debugging checkbox).

3. Turn on USB mass storage when prompted by the device.

4. Copy the Z4 Root file (z4root.1.3.0.apk) from your computer onto the G Tablet.

5. Turn off USB mass storage on the device.

6. On the G Tablet, open ES File Explorer and browse to the copied .apk file. Install Z4 Root.

7. When the application has finished installing, run Z4 Root and tap the Root button.

After a reboot, you have root access!

Now we need to download and install the TnT Lite custom ROM.

1. On your computer, download the latest TnT Lite from here.

2. Unzip the downloaded file. Reconnect your G Tablet to your PC and turn on USB mass storage.

3. Copy the two extracted files to the root of your SD card ( and restore).

4. When the files are finished being copied, turn off USB mass storage. Disconnect your device from your computer and turn off the G Tablet.

5. Press and hold the volume up button and the power button simultaneously until after you see the screen go black and then an ‘android’ screen show up. Release the buttons.

6. Once you release, you will see the ROM installing. It will take a few minutes to accomplish this. The device will reboot on its own and a boot animation will appear. The animation will run for a few minutes more. When the animation finishes, the familiar interface will appear.

TnT Lite gives you fully functional Gmail, Calendar, etc. All of the Google apps work like they should. The only problem you have now is that Market is rather crippled, it doesn’t display all available applications in the Android Market.

To fix Android Market and gain full access to all available applications:

1. On your computer, download the free version Titanium Backup from here.

2. Reconnect your G Tablet to your PC and turn on USB mass storage.

3. Copy the .apk file from your computer to your SD card on the device. Once copied, turn off USB mass storage.

4. On your G Tablet, use iFileManager to browse to the .apk file. Install Titanium Backup.

5. Open the Market application to make sure that it will connect using your Google credentials. Close Market.

6. Go to Settings. Select Applications, then select System Applications.

7. Select Market from the list of applications. Tap the Force Close button.

8. Go back to the list of apps and select Google Services Framework. Tap the Force Close button.

9. Exit out of Settings.

10. Open Titanium Backup.

11. At the top of the application, tap Backup/Restore.

12. Locate Google Services Framework 2.2.1 and tap it.

13. Tap the Wipe data button.

14. Exit out of Titanium Backup.

15. Try to open the Market application. You should receive an error message.

16. Reboot the G Tablet. Wait a minute or two after it has finished rebooting before opening Market.

Now when you open Market, you will have full access to download all of the apps that are available in the Market, plus you will also have access to download already purchased apps.

Your G Tablet should now run amazingly well, performing like it should.


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  • very nice guide! how you liking that G Tablet?

    • I’m liking it enough to ditch my iPad. I wanted to go for a Xoom, but the price tag was too high for my liking. With the TnT Lite ROM plus the fixes, this tablet rocks.

      • Denverresurface

        I would like to request some help if that is ok, I’ve read that you have TnTlite on your gtab and love it, well I have been trying to make the change to mine as well but I can’t get past the recovery part so I can install the new ROM. I have followed many step by step guides from several sources and have gotten nothing to work, some guides use the clockworkmod recovery and others simply root the device and go straight to the ROM install.I’ve tried both methods with no success. When holding Power/volume+, the tab always boots stock. I’m very frustrated and don’t know what else to do or any other references to go to. Thankful for any advice.

        • When you are holding the power/volume+ buttons, do you hold down the volume+ button first? If you don’t, it doesn’t recognize it. Let me know if this helps. If not, we’ll figure out what else could be causing the issue. Relax, we’ll figure it out.

  • Thanks for sharing these steps. I have implemented it on my Tablet. It has boosted the performance. I faced a problem while installing “TnT Lite custom ROM”, but your steps helped me and I have got the freeware version.

  • Denverresurfce

    I am having alot of trouble getting my g tab to boot into recovery mode, I have rooted my device w z4 and got clockworkmod also and still not working. I have followed all the guides and rebooted 50 times or more after doing all the steps perfectly. I am very frustrated, any help would be appreciated.

  • Fillituptank

    Simply amazing, I was so disappointed in the product after 20 mins with it. I was thinking of returning it but thought I would check some forums. This was the only page that put all the information on one page and gave instructions I could understand. Perfect.

    • Glad we could help. I am really enjoying the G Tablet now that it runs like it should. You might look into installing the Zeam Launcher on it. It runs nice and quick.

  • JT

    Everything worked up until the Market part; I click on Market and it gives me: “Add a Google Account” I have a google account and it won’t allow me to connect. I tried creating a new account and it still won’t let me account.

    “5. Open the Market application to make sure that it will connect using your Google credentials. Close Market.”

    I can’t I have a tablet and it its expecting to have a phone right? So how can I connect using my Google creditials? Creating a new account doesn’t help either. I can go to the market place website and log in from my computer just fine. I’m not sure what to do from this point on can you help me?

    • JT

      I followed the instructions again regarding Force quiting Market and using Titianium to “Wipe Data” but I don’t get an error when I start Market again:

      “15. Try to open the Market application. You should receive an error message.”

      It asks me to add a google account; I can create a new one or use an existing one. Both options fail again even if I reboot before attempting to log in

      • JT

        UPDATE: It looks like you can’t use a Google Account to login unless you have a Gmail account. I created a Gmail account and got the market to work.

  • Wastemilford

    Worked perfect!!!! Thank You!!!!

  • Mark Nabors

    I clicked on the link to downloaf TNT and it sends me to a page where 4.2.0 is listed. When I select and download 4.2.0 I receive a .RAR file not a zip. Not or recovery folder to copy down to the tablet. Did I miss something?

    • and recovery are in the RAR file.

  • Halifx5

    works GREAT – but I can’t find the titanium apk file to get market working…can you help?

  • Robertcarpenter

    Very good instructions, but I cannot get it to reboot with the TNT. I have tried all I know to do please help!

    • Robertcarpenter

      My web browser is not working now, don’t know whats up with that?

  • Mapatton

    I followed these instruction on my new G Tablet and after running the fix for the Android Market I am recieving an error “The application Market ( has stopped unexpectedly” with a button to Force Close. I have tried rebooting the tablet but I still recieve the error. Can someone help me out?

    • Try performing the Market fix using Titanium Backup again.

      • I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried repeating the whole titanium backup wipe data market fix four times now. Is there some other trick I’m missing or something else that needs wiping? I do get the error on step 15 like it says then I’ve done both reboot immediately after seeing that error and also rebooting after dismissing the error and exiting to the home screen. It seems like something keeps trying to launch the Google Services Framework even after I’ve force close/stopped it. Is there another app/service I should force stop in addition to the market? Is there a list of apps/services that use that framework that might be restarting it while I’m trying to wipe its data?

        • Josh,
          I’m looking into it now, will let you know what I find.

        • I also just tried stopping everything in the System Applications list then doing the wipe. Also note that for me it isn’t the Market application that’s crashing, it’s the Google Services Framework (

          • I also used the tablet in it’s OOTB stock form for about a week while waiting for the SD card to come in the mail. So there might be some old apps on there from what I was using before that ViewSonic may have hacked or otherwise referenced the google services framework and got it all hosed up?

        • I also noticed that when I open the Dev Tools app and tap on the Google Login Service item it crashes Dev Tools every time. My Contacts, Calendar and Gmail all sync fine. I did some searches for “The application Google services Framework(process has stopped unexpectedly” that I’m getting and came up with this page:
          I can’t find where in this TnTLite the google sync options are so I can test turning off each sync for calendar, contacts, mail to try to find the culprit. It might be my calendar since I’m adding other time zone info all the time it might be putting incorrect info in the fields.

        • I found where the google account sync settings are hidden to individually select google Contacts, Calendar, Mail, and Picasa albums. I went to the Contacts app then in the contacts tab I pressed the menu button and chose the Accounts button. Then tapped the account item. It was here I could turn off everything then sync each one at a time to see which one was the culprit crashing the google services framework ( Turns out it was my calendar. I went to settings->applications->system apps and picked Calendar. I then pressed the Clear Data button. I also cleared the data from calendar data storage and calendar sync apps. I rebooted the tablet then went back in through the contacts back door and unchecked and checked the calendar to force it to sync again. Now it’s all there and I’m waiting to see if it crashes the framework again…

          • That seems to have fixed the crashing of the Google Services Framework I had imported my calendar in the stock OOTB calendar so I’m not sure if any of that carried over into the new calendar after installing the TnTLite ROM. After clearing the data from the calendar apps then re syncing the calendar through that contacts back door. It’s been running for over 10 hours now without the framework crashing. So I can probably say it’s fixed!

          • Way to go Josh!! Glad you got it fixed. Thanks for sharing how you fixed it.

          • R_eady

            Thanks so much for sharing, the unit performs perfectly.

      • Downer :(

        Hello. My G-Tablet is working a whole lot faster thanks to TnT Lite. But i still think it can do better. First off, My G-Tab loves to Lag or freeze, cause Force Stops, Delete everything thats not in recovery, Disconnest from USB at random times, And my favorite problem is that when it goes into sleep mode it wont cut back on untill you reboot. All-In-All this tablet needs improvement and a whole XDA Team working on it. But i can see this tablet never improving due to it being a thing of the past. The Ipad2 has crippled the Tablets race… Well not entirely. The Eee’s Slate did.

        For the money that I spent on this G-Tablet it was worth it. Please continue your work. THANKS 😉

  • Jorg Reyna

    Hey guys is this will work with a ViewPad 10 that runs Android 1.6? Cheers, Jorge

  • Lucite-bakelite

    My Market just stopped working today out of the blue. I tried the fix several times again today and get nothing. Was there a market update or something I should uninstall?

  • gina

    I am having a problem simply turning the unit on. Help.

  • I just got my gtablet in the mail last night. After setup, I went online, had some issues with installation of some software and turned the unit off. Upon turning it on again, I noticed it reset the system and wiped out most of the preloaded software along with the shimmering homepage (which I liked). I put it to charge overnight and continued the setup this morning. I left it on for 10mins doing the download. Upon my return, the system was off and it’s now 1 hr later and I cannot get it to turn on. Help!

    • Try holding down the Volume + button and Power button and see if it will power up. If it doesn’t then I suspect that you have a defective unit.

      • Thanks. It worked and it did a soft reset.

  • mmk

    Hi All – ….I began following the instructions and #3.- Turn on USB mass storage when prompted by the device did not happen. I turned usb debugging on but I was never prompted for the usb mass storage?? It is also not showing up as a device in my computer…any ideas?…Thanks!!

    • You have to first download the android SDK from google. Pick the option to download it as a zip file instead of the windows installer .exe because it never works for me. Unzip it somewhere like c:android-sdk or similar. Then in the folder it makes run the SDK Manager.exe. Wait for it to refresh the sources (you have to be on the internet). You may have to cancel the Install Packages window that might come up empty. Then pick the Available Packages option on the left. In the main window expand the Third party Add-ons and the Google Inc. nodes. Check the Google USB Driver package (revision 4 for me) and click the Install Selected button. After you agree and install it you can close the SDK Manager. Now browse to the folder to unzipped the SDK to and look for the extrasgoogle folder. There should be a usb_driver folder in there somewhere. Inside that folder you will find the android_winusb.inf file. Follow the directions on this page under the box labeled “Setting Up ADB:”
      NOTE: sometimes even with USB debugging on it likes to disconnect from adb after the screen has been off for a minute or two so you have to turn the screen on and wait a minute and/or reconnect the USB wire.
      After you set up the USB driver it will show up as a drive when you plug it up.
      ALSO NOTE: it only shows the internal memory over USB. When browsing the file system on the tablet using the file manager app directly on the tablet the same drive that shows up over USB shows up on the tablet as sdcard. Your micro SD card you slide in the side is sdcard2. I just put all the and recovery folder stuff directly on sdcard which is what shows up over USB and also what the tablet looks at when you vol+ power on. Let us know if this helps or not!

      • Meta4man

        Having an issue with the download of the apk file from XDA, onto a Windows 7 computer MS Security Essentials is coming up saying this is a Exploit:Unix/Lotoor, and even if I try to download directly to the Gtab, the program tried to get into my laptop root directory.

        Has somebody hijacked the link, or is this normal? A few too many bells going off for me to push thru

        • Which apk are you getting? The Z4? Titanium backup? They all look fine to me. You can always download the file and then scan it. It’s not executable so there’s no real problem having it on your drive. I downloaded it using Windows XP and Chrome browser in case it’s a browser exploit MS Sec Ess is worried about.

        • Oh yeah, if it’s Z4 root or any of those things then I think it does contain the xploit that is used to actually root the device. No worries!

  • Jake

    everything done smoothly, thanks so much! I downloaded a input method of Google pinyin, but can not set it in language & keyboard, it always grey, and can not check it, appreciate for any help!

  • Jarhead659

    Ok, I’m new to android. Couple of questions: SDCard in ES File Explorer is internal memory, SDCard2 is the SD card. When you say copy to your SD Card root, which do you mean? Also, G Tablet is new, just purchased – it has a “Recovery” folder and an “” file in the SD Card (internal memory) root already…is this a problem, and how do I deal with it? Thanks, appreciate the help.

    • the recovery folder and have to be copied to the SDCard folder (sdcard). Make sure to back up the existing to some other folder if you ever want to recover back to the factory ROM (it sucks so bad why would you?).

  • Steve Vogelaar

    Awesome! I too was about to send my g tablet back, because it ran like crap. Now it’s fast and clean. I have always hated all the bells and whistles companies put on their gui’s to make the experience “better” but it only ends up degrades performance. There are also a lot better tools with this interface. Thank you for posting these instructions. They were easy to follow and the upgrade happened without a hitch. I did have a similar issue with constant Google Services Framework, but since I really don’t use any Google mail/contact/calendar apps, I just turned sync off for all of them.

    Now we just need to find a way to tether this g tablet to a Bluetooth phone other than android for mobile internet. There has to be someone out there with the programming prowess to accomplish it. I’m sure it will happen in time.

    Thanks again for a great fix.


    Got my gtab yesterday. Did this procedure today. TERRIFIC. IMPROVEMENT. Problems were:

    1. Rooted ok but did not accept tnt lite. Had to recopy file from win 7 computer to tablet. Then ok.
    2. I could not find APk file after downloading/unzipping titanium backup.
    3. I DO have a market app. It seems to have lots of apps. HOW CAN I TELL IF I HAVE THE FULL MARKET?

    • If you don’t have the full market then you won’t be able to install any apps from it using your gmail ID. If you can browse all the apps and install any one you want from it then you have the full market. Anyone here reading this please correct me if I’m wrong!

      • Jimgoda

        Thanks Josh. I do have it now. The problem before was that I did not know which apps should be there, so how would I know if any were missing?

        Now that I have them all, I can see how limited it was!

        As an iphone user for the past few years, I am really appreciating this whole new world! The screen is not sharp, but it is adequate.

        I hope there is a lot of life for this device, but I fear there are so many coming this year. Gtab will probably be left in the dust.

        Does anyone know if the hardware can support. Honeycomb?

  • Started getting the Google Services Framework crashing problem along with Google Talk app crashing immediately upon launching every time. To fix I used Titanium Backup to wipe the data from the Google Services Framework and from the Talk app. Then I rebooted it, waited a few minutes by playing angry birds then launched GTalk OK and no framework crashes yet! It’s been almost 3 hours now so I assume it’s fixed!

  • Mike Fayfer

    So, I’ve tried, many times, to flash the TnT Lite to my GTab, with absolutely no success. Every time I reboot, it simply hangs at the birds, with the recovery message.


  • Steve

    I followed the instructions, press the + then Power buttons simultaneously.
    It first show the birds then the screen went black again. Nothing happens after I was holding on to both buttons for 5, then 10 minutes.

    I released them, nothing happens either.

    I pressed the Power button alone and it booted normally. The ROM was not installed.

    I checked and Rooting was successful.

    What was wrong?

    • Steve

      Sorry.. please ignore. I just realized that I pressed a – button! LOL!

  • Guest

    Thanks for the detailed instructions. Was able to root my gtablet without any issues…

  • Troy McElwee

    Wow! What a difference. Thanks for the info. 

  • Cvidaln

     Hi1 It worked perfect for my gtablet. i was a bit dissapointed because I found it slow and not friendly and now with TnT lite goes super fast and it’s easier to do many things. Unfortunately I’m having problems with the internet connection. My router uses a WPA/WPA2 protocol and I can`t connect to the web. Gtablet keeps ‘obtaining address’  How can I fix it?

  • Galina

    yes i also just recieved my new viewsonic g tablet 2 days ago, and cannot get it to connect to a common wireless network, keeps trying to obtain ip address also like many other complaints.  what is wrong with this company to mislead us anyways????!!!!!!!!!!  who is testing this stuff before market sales anyways! 



  • Slm0116

    Hello! I fear we found your step by step instructions too late! 🙁 We are in an endless boot loop ….  this seems to be a problem as there are a lot of people complaining about it but no mention on how to fix it. Any ideas?

  • Aiki-budo

    First of all thank you for working so good and clear.
    Well, I must say that at least the device works (it’s a Viewsonic Gtab and looks great). I found these problems:- The guide said: “8. Go back to the list of apps and select Google Services Framework. Tap the Force Close button.” I´ve not these selection (GS Framework) and I don´t know why. I made a research but I found nothing.
    – “11. At the top of the application, tap Backup/Restore.”: While Titanium opens, an error saying the device is not root (???).Obviously from there I could not continue with these steps. Gtab works anyway, kept the programs loaded, I reinstalled widgets and Google Market seems to work. I’ll have to keep testing to see if it can download all applications or is restricted.What I consider annoyance is that the small menu below to access programs, there is now access to phone, useless indeed. I still have not investigated how changes in that menu.
    I will try to fix or change what I can. Anyway, everything seems to work well, so thanks a lot!.

  • Sharon

    Hi Rob,
    I’m sorry to bother you, is there any way you can walk me through rooting my viewsonic g tablet. All this is so cufusing to me and I can’t understand what I’m doing. Can I give you my email or number and you can walk me through it….Please ( Please help me. I’ve only had it for four days now.

  • Saleschef

    Thanks for this posting.  My machine seems to work better but it is still largely crippled. I am not certain if I did the TnT Lite portion right and I am getting the error message “Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This application will *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted and includes BusyBox and try again.  I tried to complete this multiple step operation in one sequence but got error messages so I tried again later.  There are too many things that don’t work properly to list here. Any assistance would be appreciated as this is pretty much a piece of crap if I can get it properly reconfigured.

    • CJ Stott

      I had the same thing. I didn’t even realize I didn’t have root until I got to the titanium backup. Do I just do everything over again? If I don’t have root which of the first applications did I fail on? How far back do I need to go?

  • Gpeter

    The guide is too good. I am able to get access to the Market when I followed the step by step instructions. Thank you.

  • Deehrockz

    you first need to check the boot loader version of your software 1.1 and 1.2 will require different roms. some might recommend clock work recovery others might say no make sUre you learn how to use nvflash that is a lifesaver if u brick. read read read on the xda and slate droid forums. remember these roMs are not fully stable. even if they tell you so it just means. they can be used on a daily basis with minimal issues. also understand the differences between android 2.2 2.3 and 2.4 roms. each one offers different support also don’t expect an iPad killer if you have never used android before and have a friend that owns one that will allow you to play with itn try it first. with iPad Theres restrictions to allow for what apple considers a pleasant experience. android is more open for developers and a community so it can new buggy but its fun to tweak and play with example overclocking and custom launchers etc . remember theit is a reason besides the crappy viewsonic firmware for the tabletp price. and thats the screen. if you can look past all of that the tablet is one fun thing to play with

    written fROM view sonic g tablet running brilliant corners w vtl launcher and overclocked to 1.4

  • CJ Stott

    I have been selecting the + button and I still have the problem. The instructions say I should see something with “Android”. Haven’t see that yet. Just the birds with the very top left saying ” Recovery key detected”. It sits there a long time doing nothing. If I reboot without the volume + It boots up. Now I have fewer applications that work.
    I never understood if Z4 root was to be installed on the Root of the tablet or on the SD card. The files from the TNT are on the SD card as the instructions explicitly said. I ran z4 it said it was doing a “root” but who knows? I can’t get past this.

  • CJ Stott

    You would if all these steps left you worse than what you had before. If I am unsuccessful, Do I need to delete all these files from my gtab and start all over again? I other words, Do these files need to be on the tablet only a specific time in the procedure?

  • CJ Stott

    I too never saw anything about “Mass storage”. The drive on my computer only shows the SD card. that is where all my files are going. If that’s not right then the instructions would be helpful to clarify.

  • CJ Stott

    Okay Here are my questions
    TNT Lite install
    Step 5: Exactly what is the “android” screen. Is this the “birds”? I have yet to see anything that says android or that looks like it is even associated with android.

    Step 6: Describe to me the “boot animation” What exactly are we talking about. These visual cues are what tells us that we are seeing the right things. This day and age everything is animated.

    Please give me the specific signs that I am seeing the right things and not just assuming. Cause right now none of this is working. I want to know what I have done right and pick up from there.

    Thanks, CJ

  • Brandon

    Is there a way to undo all of this? Back to factory default, I mean. Just in case you decide you don’t actually like this? I’d like to know before I do this, but it seems really cool.

  • Scott

    I have installed TNT Lite from Droidpirate and love it, especially with the full market install. Titanium backup is a godsend to end force closes–typically just find the app and click “wipe data” and it’s fixed. I’ve downloaded the ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) launcher from the Market, and it looks and works beautifully.

    My only complaint? I can’t install additional keyboards! I’ve tried swiftkey, super keyboard pro, thumb keyboard, etc. The system will install them, but settings won’t let you enable them. Do you have a fix/workaround for this?

  • Doug Smith

    thanks for the tutorial. i hated my gtablet but now i love it. i still have a problem trying to get on facebook. every time i go to the site, i click log in and it says webpage unavailable. any suggestions?

  • amanda

    is the z4 supposed to take forever to root??