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XP: Get Information from the Windows Dump

The Windows Dump is a useful tool. Here is how to view it.

As a test for exploring how to use Windows Dump, we will discover information about a video card. However, try searching through other parts of the dump, and you will find other information.

To Open the Windows Dump for Your Video Card:
1. Open a command (DOS) prompt, and type debug.
2. When the appears, type D C000:0040 . This will display the dump, and to the right, some legible ASCII information should be available. Also, type D C000:0090 for further dump information on your video card.

In Windows 98/95, the first dump is D C000:0010.
This one I have known for a long time, but a few minutes of trial and error and a dependable (change nothing MS) allowed me to find it for XP.

In general, Windows has issues with debuggers. To view outputs and the dump of the OS itself, this trick lets you have access to the dump right from Windows. I will not tell you any uses for this, but I am sure there are some creative programmers with ideas already.

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-William. § (marvin_gohan)



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