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Google Calendar: Use SMS to Add Events and Control Your Calendar


Previously, we have shown how to get Google Calendar to send notifications to your cellular phone or mobile device. This tutorial will explain how to control your calendar by sending Google SMS messages.

Adding events and controlling your calendar through SMS messages from your cell phone is a useful feature. Here is how to do it.

First, make sure that your cell phone is registered with Google Calendar.

The Google Calendar SMS short code is 48368, or you can remember it as GVENT.

Then, just message your events via SMS message to GVENT. The calendar understands SMS messages fairly well if you follow the formats suggested by Google’s Quick Add feature.

Simple text like this works well:
Flash Meeting tomorrow at 4 at school

You will receive a confirmation message if it works.

Sadly, there is no way to pick to which calendar your SMS-submitted events go. It goes into your primary calendar only.

Other Commands That You Can SMS to Google:

    next – will SMS you back you next appt
    day – will SMS you back your appointments for that day
    nday – will SMS your next appointments for the next day



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