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XP: Copy a CD-ROM without Additional Software

XP does not have a nice, automated way of copying a CD-ROM. Here’s how to do it without installing additional software.

XP has automated and GUI tricks for most routine things. XP will easily burn CDs; however, it does not include a copy CD tool. This will describe how to do it manually without additional software.

If you have two CD-ROM drives, this is easy. Place the CD to be copied in one drive and a blank CD in your CD burner.

    1. Navigate to My Computer.
    2. Drag your CD to the drive containing the CD-R.
    3. You will see the files being copied over.
    4. To burn the CD, right-click the CD-R drive.
    5. In the context menu, select Write these files to CD.

If you only have one CD-ROM drive, this requires a couple more steps. Mainly you just need to copy the CD to be copied to a folder on your hard-drive first, and then copy those files to your blank CD-R.

Place the CD to be copied in your burner.

    1. Navigate to My Computer.
    2. Right click your hard drive and select Explore.
    3. In the right explorer pane, right click on a blank area.
    4. In the context menu that opens, select New and then Folder .
    5. Name it whatever you wish.
    6. Now click on your CD-ROM drive in the left pane. The files on the drive should show up in the right pane.
    7. Select all the files and folders on the CD-ROM drive. You can do this several ways: manually, by dragging the mouse over all the files, selecting Select All in the Edit menu, or by using the CTRL-A shortcut.
    8. Drag these files over to the new folder that you previously created that should now be visable somewhere in the left pane of the explorer.
    9. After the files finish copying, take out your CD, and place a blank CD-R in your burner.
    10. Click on the new folder you created in the left pane.The contents that appear in the right pane should be the same as the original CD.
    11. Select all the contents in the right pane once again as previously described.
    12. Drag them to the icon for your CD burner in the right pane.
    13. After the files finish copying, click your CD drive icon in the left pane.
    14. Left click the File Menu in explorer.
    15. Select Write These Files To CD.
David Kirk
David Kirk
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