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Thief 4 Walkthrough for Chapter 1: Lockdown


You have met up with your old friend Erin, and we continue our Thief 4 walkthrough with Chapter 1, Lockdown.

Each level in Thief 4 can be completed in multiple ways. If you find another interesting way to solve the mission, please share it with us in the comment. In the Prologue we hooked up with Erin, and we need to get to the hideout in the Clock Tower.

1. The small white spot on screen indicates the place you have to reach.

In order to get there, first, climb up the ladder.


When you are on the rooftop, you will see a pipe connecting the two houses. Jump on the pipe, get to the other side, jump down and follow the small route.


At the end of the path, jump down to the ground. Then climb up again and follow the small route until you see the gate.


Jump down, open the gate, and follow the on-screen instruction to get to the next scene.


2. In the next scene, you will hear a small talk between the guards about the jewelry in the closed shop. You decide to steal it for use in cutting the closed gate.

In order to get inside the shop, first, jump off the roof.


There will be a bottle on the crate, pick it up, wait for the guards to go to the left side, and throw the bottle to the right side to cause distraction. The guards will then run to the location of the noise; you can use this moment to quickly head to the small alley between the two buildings.

8 plan

There will be a spot on the wall to help you get to the other side. Use it quickly before the guards come back.


Follow the alley and you will eventually get to the back of the shop.


The window on the second floor of the shop is open so you can quickly get there by climbing up the rope and following the small route to the window. Alternatively, you can pick lock the shop’s door and get to the second floor. However, the later method is slower and you may be spotted because there are people on the ground floor.

23 alternative route

When you get to the second floor, follow the spot to the jewelry location.


Be warned that there is a guard who walks around the room so you have to take him down first. There are several ways to knock him down. I decided to hide in the cabinet, wait for the right moment when the guard turns his back on me, and then do the dirty.


When the guard is down, you can easily pick lock and get the item you want. There are several more items in the room so make sure you pick them up as well.



Once you have the mask, go back to the room where you get in and go to the second floor and escape via the window. However, before you do that, make sure to pick up all the items in the rooms because it is not possible to come back to this place. There is a sleeping guard there so just let him sleep.


3. Once you get out of the shop, continue following the alley to get to the tower. There will be guards on the way there. All of them only talk for a few seconds and then continue their work. Just follow them from the behind and you will not be spotted.


While you are following the guards, look on the walls and the pipes to find a spot to get to a higher location. Once you get there, follow the routes to end this mission.


5. The next scene begins when Garrett returns to the tower and use the teleport to jump to the Stone market to meet Basso.

2 objective 3

You will be teleported to the second floor of a house in town. There are a lot of guards and light area below, so do not try to jump down and fight them. What you want to do is stay on the second floor and follow the route in the picture below to reach the house on the other side.


When you reach that house, jump down to the small route and meet Basso. He will give you side missions so visit often.


After the meeting, follow the white spot to reach the old chapel to see Queen of Beggars. This completes the whole chapter. Once you see Basso, there will be no guard so feel free to explore the area however you wish. Next we will explore the Foundry and steal the ring from the General.



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