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Access: How to Create a Splash Screen


You can easily create a splash screen for your Access application. Even better, you can give it purpose by making it interactive with buttons, text boxes, or other objects. This tutorial explains adding a splash screen to your Access application.

1. From the Objects bar, select Forms.

2. Double-click Create form in Design view.

3. Click the Save button, type a name in the Form Name dialog box, and click OK.

4. Press F4 to bring up the Properties dialog box.

5. Select the form properties you want in the Properties dialog box.

6. Click the Toolbox button.

7. Insert and format the objects you want to include on your splash screen.

8. Save the changes. View the form to verify that the changes are to your liking.

9. Click Tools, and select Startup.

10. In the Application Title text box, enter the name for your application. You can add an icon by browsing for it under Application Icon.

11. From the Display Form/Page drop-down, select the form you created to act as the splash screen.

12. Uncheck the Display Database Window checkbox.

13. Click OK.



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