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Excel 2003: How to Set Acceptable Values for a Cell

In Excel, you can set up a validation rule to make sure the data entered into a cell meets certain criteria. The Data Validation dialog box can be used to define the type of data that Excel should allow in the cell and to set the conditions data must meet to be accepted in the cell. Keep reading to find out how this is done.

Before you begin, open the Excel document for which you want to set cell values.

1. Click the cell you wish to modify.

2. Click Data, and select Validation.

3. From the Allow drop-down, select the type of data to be allowed.

4. From the Data drop-down, select the comparison operator to be used.

5. Type the appropriate values in the resulting boxes to complete the validation statement.

6. Select the Input Message tab.

7. In the Title box, type the title for the message box that appears when the cell becomes active.

8. In the Input Message box, type the message the user will see.

9. Select the Error Alert tab.

10. From the Style option, select the type of box that is to appear.

11. In the Title box, type the title for the error message box that will appear when invalid data is entered.

12. In the Error message box, type a message explaining the restriction.

13 Click OK.

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Rob Rogers
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