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Posted August 23, 2012 by

OS X: Why is there not a combo installer for every release?

Many users prefer updating their Mac computer with a combo installer instead of using Software Update within OS X. However, some users get confused when an update is not accompanied by a combo installer.

Posted May 16, 2012 by

OS X: Flush or Clear the DNS Cache

The command used to flush the DNS cache changed in OS X 10.5 Leopard and later versions. The new command is just as easy to run, if not to remember. This article has been updated for all current versions of Mac OS X.

Posted March 5, 2011 by

OS X Lion: Fix Blank Wallpaper in Spaces

This tech-recipe will explain how to fix the blank white screen on the non default Space.  Opening the Desktop and Screen saver preferences and setting the wallpaper will not set the blank space but the previous/default Space 1.  Lets fix that!

Posted February 28, 2011 by

Convert OS X Lion DMG Installer to a Bootable USB Thumb Drive

This recipe will explain how to make a USB Thumb Drive bootable with the OS X Lion Developer Preview installer on it and in turn allow you to install Lion on a Mac without an optical drive (ie Macbook Air line).  We will need a copy of the installer dmg (not provided) and a 4GB […]

Posted June 24, 2010 by

OS X: Edit a file using TextEdit as root or superuser

Editing some files on an OS X system requires superuser or root permissions. Typically, this is accomplished using sudo (which lets authorized users assume superuser powers, cape and tights optional) and vi. To the uninitiated, vi can cause intestinal distress and hair loss. An alternative is the use of TextEdit, the graphical text editor application, […]

Posted October 19, 2007 by

OS X Leopard: Create new user account with parental controls

Mac OS X Leopard includes new Parental Controls to help protect your children from computers (or help protect your computer from your children). In Apple’s way, this process is simple, but there are some options to consider. This recipe describes adding a new user account that will be under Parental Control and discusses some related […]

Posted October 2, 2007 by

OS X: Change your PATH environment variable

When you run a command from a UNIX or UNIX-like shell, the shell looks for the executable file using the directories listed in your PATH variable as a map. For convenience, adding directories to this environment variable means you don’t have to go hunting for a file each time you run it. Following these directions […]

Posted October 1, 2007 by

OS X: Easily edit hidden configuration files with TextEdit

In OS X, hidden files (those starting with a period like .profile or .bashrc) can be a challenge to edit because they are, well, hidden and don’t show up in Finder windows. While there are tricks to make hidden files visible in Finder windows, I prefer to keep my hidden files hidden. I also prefer […]

Posted August 28, 2006 by

Set Up Mac OS X Host to Print to Windows Shared Printer

Life is so much better when we all get along, especially when heterogeneous computer equipment can just work together. Integrating a Mac running OS X 10.4 to support printing to a shared printer on a Windows host is described in this Tech-Recipe.