iPhone iOS 4.1: Enable HDR Feature in Photos

   Posted September 8, 2010 by David Kirk in Apple iPhone

Many people are excited about the HDR (high dynamic range) feature in the new version of iPhone iOS 4.1. This tech-recipe will show how to turn on and use the HDR setting.

High dynamic range (HDR) photography tries to overcome the exposure limitations of traditional photography. In a scene with bright lights and dark areas, traditional photography cannot simultaneously capture both of these areas correctly. Our eyes may seen the scene well, but the camera cannot capture it.

HDR tries of overcome this limitation but taking shots of different exposures and blending them through software. This software is included in the new iPhone iOS 4.1 software.

To enable HDR mode:

1. Open the Camera app
2. Click the HDR toggle at the top of the screen

toggle hdr on

When HDR is toggled, the phone will actually save two pictures to your device–the HDR photo and a traditional photo. You can tell which is which by the HDR label on the photo.

label showing hdr is enabled

Here is a comparison of the standard and HDR versions:

animation of standard and HDR photos


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