Youtube Hack: Change Size of Player

   Posted February 8, 2007 by David Kirk in Internet

Ever wonder why the videos on youtube are bigger in size that the ones that you place on your blog? By manipulating the code that youtube gives, the user can make the youtube player smaller or bigger. Here is how to do it.

I always wondered why the videos on youtube were bigger than the ones that I posted here. Here is how to change that.

All one has to do is to take alter the width and height values in the youtube code that it gives you to place the video on your blog.

We’ll use the starwars kid as an example. Here is the code that youtube gives you…

And here is the default video size…

By changing both width values to 450 and both height values to 370, the video will appear the same size within your blog as it does on the youtube site itself:

Bigger video! Size on the youtube site itself…

For smaller thumbnails, you might want to really decrease the size as well. Here I change both width values to 225 and both height values to 185 to make the player half the size.

Little video!


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