Microsoft Word 2003: Work on Two Separate Document Sections Simultaneously

Posted October 17, 2006 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Word

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You can work on two different parts of a Microsoft Word 2003 document simultaneously. This can be quite handy when editing a large document. You accomplish this by splitting the window. This tutorial explains how this is done.

1. Open the document you wish to edit.

2. Click Window, and then select Split.

3. A horizontal dividing line appears in the middle of the screen. You move the split line up or down by moving your mouse. To set the split line, simply left-click your mouse when the line is at the proper placement.

Your document now appears in two separate panes inside the window. You switch between the two panes by clicking on the document text in that pane. Changes in one pane are reflected in the other since both panes reflect the same document.

When you are finished editing the document and wish to remove the split, click Window, and then select Remove Split.


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