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How to Manage Online Classes or WFH

COVID 19 has caught us off guard. Being stuck at home with nothing to do was everyone’s wildest dream. Now that it’s finally coming true everyone’s all freaked out about it. But nothing’s forever so you and I have to hold back and wait for this to end. Now like me, if you too are tolerating Online Classes or WFH then this article is for you.

We all know that this whole thing has become quite a test of our patience. But it’s high time we make some good realizations. The one to top the list is that its a dream come true. You and I have been waiting for this moment all our life. We wanted to stay at home, nap whenever we wanted, eat and dance whenever we wanted. So now that it’s coming true we are all sad about it.

Secondly, it is time for you to shake awake that creative side of yours. There must have been something that you always wanted to do but you couldn’t because of your busy schedule.

The third and most important thing, you finally have an opportunity to work on your SQ. You will know all about it in a few minutes. Well SQ is the Spiritual Quotient. Let me explain. So if you want to judge a person’s personality. There are 4 quotients that can best describe him clearly. Those four quotients would be SQ, EQ, IQ, and  PQ. Spiritual Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Intelligence quotient, and Physical Quotient.

SQ is the most left out quotient and it needs your attention and time. Which you clearly have now. Now let’s get to the point.

How to Manage Online Classes or WFH

1. Make a Schedule:

It’s clear that all of us need a schedule in quarantine. You have to come up with a schedule in order to get things together. You know how timetables are a necessary part of the school, they teach you discipline and civilness. In order to get most out of these quarantine days you definitely need that discipline. And the schedules can help you with that. If you are working online or attending online classes. You might already have a schedule. All you need to do is to embed your own schedule into it. Be smart with it.

2. Plan a Routine:

Waking up a 2 PM is not an option. If you have a the same routine as many of my friends i.e sleeping at 5 AM and waking at 2 in the day. Then you are at a great loss. The brain functions best after 6 in the morning and this is a scientific fact. You can’t just play like that with your biological clock. It is very advisable to get up early. Get some walk and give your day an early start.If you are attending online classes then you can follow the schedule. Complete your work daily.

adapt a routine

3. Focus on Your Physical Health:

Your physical health is at the most risk while you are at home. You need to focus on your physical wellbeing. Get some exercise done in the house. Since you can’t go out, enjoy yoga and other exercises at home. Also since you cant order food. Its time you cook healthy food at home. If you are doing work from home then your exercise time is extremely limited, you need to take some time out. Take small breaks. Do not sit consecutively for more than 45 minutes. Take a small stroll inside the house after every 30 minutes.

4. Rule of Work First:

You need to set this rule. Prioritize your work over Netflix and chill and other stuff. Get your work done first and then when you have nothing to do you can do the fun stuff.

5. Don’t Forget to Enjoy:

This whole situation has caught us by surprise. But the fact that we are all in this together makes it better. All we have to do is wait with patience and enjoy the off time. We know that Online Classes or WFH is a pain. But we are all in this together. So, don’t forget to be productive. Socialize with your family and friends over the internet and enjoy it.


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