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Facebook: Rearrange Uploaded Photos

By default, Facebook sorts uploaded photos by name. As a result, whenever you share multiple photos on Facebook, your friends will just be able to see some of the first ones that you uploaded, while the rest can only be viewed when someone scrolls through the full list of pictures. In many cases, the first few photos are not the best of the whole set, and some of your favorites may be left unseen. Luckily, with Facebook’s drag-and-drop feature, you can rearrange the order of the photos so that the best are front and center.

1. Log in to your account, type a status update, and upload the desired pictures by either using the camera icon below the compose box or the Add Photos/Video tab.

update Facebook status

2. In the file picker window, navigate to the location of the photos. To select multiple photos, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on them. Then click Open to start the upload process.

upload photos to Facebook

3. Once the photos are uploaded, you may notice that Facebook arranges them in the same way that the system’s file explorer does. At this point, you can rearrange the photos by dragging and dropping them into the positions of your choice. You can use the scroll bar to get to the last photo in the list and move it up. However, since Facebook does not scroll the list automatically to the top as you move the mouse, this process can be time consuming because you have to repeat the task several times to move a photo to the desired position.

rearrange Facebook photos

Here is an example which shows that the photos can be rearranged easily using the drag-and-drop feature. The leftmost picture will appear first in the list. Depending on the resolution and orientation of the uploaded photos, some of the other photos will be shown as well. The rest can only be accessed when the viewer clicks to view the full list.

reorder Facebook photos

4. When you are done arranging the pictures, click Post to share the update and your photos with friends.

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Lê Hoàng
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