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TiVo’s 30 Second Commercial Skip


Using the code in this tech-recipe, you can make the advance button on your TiVo remote your most favorite button on any remote. Once enabled, pressing this button will cause your TiVo to jump forward 30 seconds, the typical length of a commercial. Also, when viewing in fast forward or reverse, this button will cause the playback to skip to the next tick mark.

You should enter the 30 second skip code while viewing a pre-recorded program. (If you enter the code elsewhere, the keypresses may do things you do not want.) You do not need to be in backdoor mode for this code to work.

While watching a recorded program, press the following sequence:


If you entered this code successfully, you should hear three tones/bings. Now, your advance (skip-to-hash) button is your 30 second skip button.



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