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Enabling TiVo Mode for Backdoors

Many TiVo backdoor codes exist that allow you to do some cool things with your TiVo. Most of these are safe and will not void your warranty. Before you use any of these backdoor codes, you must enable backdoor mode.

To enable backdoor mode, you need to know what software version is running. Use this tech recipe to determine what version you have. Refer to the table below to determine the backdoor code to use based on your software version.

Version Backdoor code
3.0 3 0 BC (30BC)
2.5 B D 2 5 (BD25)
2.5.2 B M U S 1 (BMUS)
2.0 2 0 TCD (2TCD)

Once you know the correct backdoor code, you must enter it in the Search by Title screen. To get there, press the TiVo button on your remote, then select Pick Programs to Record, then Search by Title .

Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the code from the table above. Then press the Thumbs Up button. You will be rewarded with several beeps, and the words “Backdoors enabled!” will appear where you typed the code.

Once enabled, backdoor mode will persist until your TiVo loses power. When your TiVo turns on, you’ll have to go through this procedure again.



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