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Nintendo 3DS: Setup Parental Controls and Limit Games by ESRB Rating


This tech-recipe will explain how to setup Parental Controls on the Nintendo 3DS.  These controls can allow a parent to limit the rating of games that can be played and limit play times.

1. Go to System Settings

2. Then into Parental Controls.

3. You wil be asked to setup Parental Controls now, tap on Yes to start the wizard.  You will be reminded that these controls won’t affect DS games, only 3DS and then asked to create a 4 digit PIN and then verify it.

4. Next, you will be asked to create a secret question to reset your PIN if you forget it.  Pick one of the preselected questions and then the answer.  Once you do this, you can then move onto the options/settings to restrict.

Here is a list of settings that can be restricted:

Software Rating : Pick which games can be played based on ESRB ratings of game.

Internet Browser : Restricts using of Internet Browser (once its available in May 2011)

Nintendo 3DS Shopping Services : Restricts use of shopping services and buying items/games online.

Display of 3D Images : Restricts use of 3D; can only show games/photos in 2D and not 3D (for younger kids).

Sharing Images / Audio / Video : Restricts transfer / sending of images, audio and video data.

Online Interaction : Restricts exchange of data and info with other users (again excludes DS software)

StreetPass : Restricts exchanging of StreetPass with other users.

Friend Registration : Restricts registering of friends

DS Download Play : Restricts playing of demos via nearby systems and multiplayer titles.

–Again, these settings will NOT affect DS titles, only 3DS titles.



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