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Battlefield Hardline: Evidence Locations in Episode 7: Glass Houses

The steps in this tutorial will help you find all the evidence in Episode 7: Glass Houses in Battlefield Hardline’s campaign mode.

The items in this tutorial are arranged in chronological order.

White Van

This is the first piece of evidence in the episode. It can be found in the garage where you first get into the mansion.

White Van

Shipping Labels

Once you are inside the living room of the mansion, you will see a room with an opened door. The shipping labels are in there.

Shipping Labels Shipping Labels

Wall of Photos

After getting the label, go straight and turn left.

Wall of Photos Wall of Photos

In the gymnasium, look for the hidden switch on the wall. This switch wall opens a hidden room where the evidence is located.

Wall of Photos Wall of Photos

Safe Combination

After the meeting, use the scanner to find a guy named Cameron Briller. Arrest him to collect the evidence.

Tanks of Tear Gas

The next item is inside the greenhouse. You will be able to spot it when you enter the house.

Tanks of Tear Gas Tanks of Tear Gas

Box of SS190 Cartridges and Rifle Suppressors

Besides the greenhouse, the mansion also has a shooting range. This location has three pieces of evidence to collect. The first two are very close to each other. You can see the exact location of them in the screenshot below.

Box of SS190 Cartridges and Rifle Suppressors

SWAT Flak Jackets

The jackets are inside a small room in the shooting range. Here is its exact location from the main door.

SWAT Flak Jackets

File Inside the Safe

Like the name of the evidence suggests, it is inside a safe. Before opening the suitcase on the bed, open the safe next to the bed and collect the last piece of evidence. You have to do this before opening the suitcase or you will not be able to collect it without replaying the episode.

File Inside the Safe

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