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Battlefield Hardline: Evidence Locations in Episode 8: Sovereign Land


The following guide will help you find all the evidence in Episode 8: Sovereign Land in Battlefield Hardline’s campaign mode.

There are nine pieces of evidence to be found in this episode. They are organized in chronological order, so it is the best if you can follow from first to last.

Bomb Blueprint

Before entering the compound, head to the communication trailer. The blueprint is on the table.

Bomb Blueprint Bomb Blueprint Bomb Blueprint

After that, get in to the compound using the path pointed out in the picture below.

Bomb Blueprint

Hot Shot Lab

Right after you get in, you will see another trailer. Use the scanner to scan for the evidence. Collecting the Hot Shot Lab will complete the Hot Shot Supply Chain case.

Hot Shot Lab Hot Shot Lab

ATF Agent’s Badge

Arrest a guard named Jim Preston and search his body for the evidence.

ATF Agent's Badge

The next two pieces of evidence are located inside the trailer marked below. You can get to it using the ladder that sits on the side of the lower trailer.

ATF Agent's Badge

Torture Room

The chair and the table that you see in the room are actually the evidence. Use the scanner to analyze them.

Torture Room

Cell Phone

This evidence is just a few steps away from the last one. It is still in the same trailer. Once you analyze the chair, turn left to find the cell phone.

Cell Phone

Boomer Dossier

Get out of the previous trailer and turn right. The item we need is on the table inside that trailer.

Boomer Dossier Boomer Dossier

The next two items can be found after Boomer’s girlfriend says goodbye to him.

License Plate

License Plate

There is a blue old care outside of the garage. Use your scanner to analyze the plate.

License Plate

ATF Agent’s Grave

From the car location, cross the street to find the grave.

ATF Agent's Grave

Ricin Bomb

The last piece of evidence in this episode can be found in the airfield. It is in the same room with the green airplane.

Ricin Bomb 3-20-2015 6-46-49 PM



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