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How to Win Like a Pro When Playing Spider Solitaire


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I bet you have heard or played Spider Solitaire at some point. It used to be one of our favorites before online games peaked. Although many consider it an old-school game, it was able to adapt to the trend in games and devices. Now, it’s reemerging as one of the most addictive computer and mobile games. 

The Spider-Solitaire-Challenge is perfect for those who prefer focus and solitude. For some, it can be tedious and time-consuming since it can test your patience. As such, you need some dedication to create winning strategies and enjoy the game.

Here are some tips to win at playing the game like a pro:

Understand the Rules 

Learning the rules before starting is crucial in enjoying and winning a game. Playing the Spider Solitaire Challenge is not an exemption. You need to create strategies and make well-calculated moves. 

You can play with one or more decks of 52 cards, excluding the jokers. 

You have to build foundations by moving cards in suits and placing them into position. So, you have to learn how to set up the game and observe its layout. 

There are three basic areas: the tableau, stock, and foundation. Although you don’t have to know their names, they will help you understand some aspects of Spider Solitaire.

Target Larger Stacks First

It’s wise to reveal cards in columns with big stacks. Doing so will lead to a higher chance of exposing cards that can be useful in building piles.

It’s best to start your strategy by moving all the undealt cards from the stockpile. From there, you can work on the cards from the deck. 

Evenly Distribute Tableau Piles

Completing a single pile in the middle of the game is a big no-no. Chances are, more cards will go unrevealed. So, it’s better to leave piles separated to obtain larger sets.

This is important if you’ve already revealed your downcard and moved to work through the waste. For instance, if you have two long stacks, make them opposite the other. If the card in the first pile is red, make the same card in the second pile black. 

Move Quickly If and Only If You’re Playing Timed Solitaire

There is a time limit to playing Solitaire online or in a competitive tournament. Hence, it is best to move your cards quickly to get a huge bonus at the end of the game.

It is important to reveal face-down cards and find more moves. Note that even if you didn’t build foundation piles, you could beat your opponent who successfully did so. 

Quick moves are not always advisable in an untimed game. It can be tempting to shuffle and build cards from different piles. Yet, it can block valuable cards behind lower cards. Moreover, Aces and Deuces can be an obstruction to your success. Hence, do not leave them in the tableau as you can’t use them to reveal cards. 

Utilize the Undo Function

Some people consider clicking the undo button as cheating. But it can be a powerful tool if you want to win at Spider Solitaire. 

When you are revealing a face-down card, you don’t know what lies beneath it. If the card is not favorable to you, you may click the undo button. From there, you can switch to a new strategy if necessary. The downside is that the undo button will increase the number of moves. 

Make Empty Piles

While you are targeting larger stacks, move cards to other columns if possible. Choose those with fewer cards. If you can make empty piles, use them to rearrange sequences and make foundations. That way, more columns will be open for restacking. 

But, it will help if you do it with a plan. It will be futile if you make empty piles without a King. Keep in mind that only Kings can fill them. Unless you can reveal a King, the entire pile becomes blocked. 

Create Stacks of Similar Suits

If you can move cards on the tableau, try to make stacks of similar suits. If you’re playing the 7 of clubs on top of the 10 of hearts, try to move clubs and hearts there. 

This tip is necessary to solve the stalled games. It will help free and move a stuck card away from the face-down cards. It can also help if an immovable column is trapping an ace. So, even if it’s not always easy to do, always consider this one. Do it when you get the chance, and there are no better options. 

For example, you have a 7S card blocking face-down cards without a 5H/4S card. Given this, you can choose to release piles of 7C-6D-5C-4D and 6C-5D-4S, if possible. Then, place the 7S to the previous spot of 7C to reveal the face-down card.

This strategy helps build smooth stacks. You can use it for the numbers 4 to 8 cards. But, keep in mind that you can’t move cards in the foundation. Hence, moves done there are irreversible. 

All these strategies can help you win Spider Solitaire games. If you have tried all possible moves to no avail, then don’t be discouraged. As they say, practice makes perfect. You can always start a new game and win next time.




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