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Posted July 8, 2008 by

Excel 2007: How To Hide Duplicate Records in a Spreadsheet

If you have a large spreadsheet that contains duplicate entries (customer names, class subjects, etc.) and you want to view only the unique records in the list, you can filter out the duplicates.

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Posted April 14, 2008 by

Excel 2007: Use Data Bars for Cell Value Analysis

Data bars make it easy to analyze the values in a range of cells. They are colored, horizontal bars whose length is dependent upon the value of the cell. The cell value itself, rests in front of the data bar, so the data is still easy to read. Using data bars can be helpful in […]

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Posted June 29, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Add Minimum, Maximum and Numerical Count to the Status Bar

Excel’s status bar can come in handy by giving you additional information when you select a range of cells. By default, it displays the Average, Count, and Sum. You can also include Minimum, Maximum, and Numerical Count, or any combination of the six options.

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Posted April 24, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Change the Default File Location

By default, Excel uses your Documents (if you use Vista) or My Documents (if you are using XP) directory as the location for saving files. To change the default file location, follow these steps:

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Posted March 28, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Use Custom View

If you find yourself modifying the display of your worksheet multiple times in the course of working with your spreadsheet, then the Custom Views functionality is definitely for you. Custom Views allows you to save changes to current position and magnification, column widths, row heights, print settings, frozen panes and more. Instead of constantly making […]

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Posted March 23, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Print High Quality Graphics

If you use graphics in your Excel spreadsheet and need them to really shine, print them out in high quality mode. Here’s how:

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Posted March 23, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Show Formulas to Verify Your Equations

One mistake that is often made in spreadsheets containing lots of data and formulas, is the accidental placement of numbers in a cell instead of the formula. It is a painful task to examine each and every cell one at a time to verify that the proper cells are using the proper equation. In addition, […]

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Posted March 22, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Add Your Physical Signature to a Workbook

Once you have finalized a spreadsheet or workbook, you may want to add your physical signature (or actually an image of your signature) to the finished document. To do this:

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Posted March 16, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Spell Check All Sheets at Once

Instead of spell checking each sheet in your workbook one-at-a-time, you can spell check all of them at once and save yourself some time.

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Posted March 8, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Eliminate Blank Rows in a Spreadsheet

Blank rows can be beneficial when it comes to making your spreadsheet easier to read, however if you are going to pull the data into another application (such as Access), the blank rows can cause you some problems. You could go through the painful task of selecting and removing these rows individually, but if you […]

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Posted February 26, 2007 by

Excel: Print Only Selected Part of a Spreadsheet

If you are working with a large spreadsheet, you may want to only print a portion of the total worksheet. Why print out 1200 rows of data when you only need 25? Using these steps you can define what area you want printed just by having an area selected. These steps work in Excel 2007 […]

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Posted February 20, 2007 by

Excel 2007: Set the Default Column Width for a Worksheet

By default, Excel gives you a standard column width value of 8.43, but what if the worksheet you are working on requires the columns to be wider? You can adjust the width of each individual column or better yet, you can adjust the default width and take care of all of them at the same […]

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