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Posted February 10, 2008 by

Ubuntu: How to Enable Automatic Login

By default, Ubuntu requires that you login each time you run the operating system. If you are the only person using the computer and aren’t worried about security, this can be excessive and annoying. By enabling Automatic Login, Ubuntu will go straight to the desktop without requiring a login.

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Posted February 9, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Switch Between gdm and kdm Display Managers

The display manager’s role is to provide graphical login functionality. If you have both GNOME and KDE installed on your system, you can easily switch between the two display managers to find one that meets your needs.

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Posted February 1, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Close a Non-Responding App with xkill

It’s bound to happen, one of your applications freezes up when you try to run it and you cannot close it. Instead of having to restart your system and wasting valuable time, you can simply use xkill to terminate the application so that you can continue with your computing tasks.

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Posted January 31, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Generate a Hardware Profile for Your System

A hardware profile is a great way to uncover what’s under the hood of your system without having to crack open the case. By utilizing a terminal command, you can easily generate a hardware profile for your computer to print out or save for future reference.

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Posted January 30, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Enable Window Grouping on the Window List

Window grouping can be a big help in keeping your Window List from becoming overcrowded. When you have multiple windows of the same application (such as your web browser) open, only the application name will show in the window list. When selected, a dropdown will list all open windows for that application, which makes it […]

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Posted January 29, 2008 by

Ubuntu: How To Create an ISO Image from a CD or DVD

I do a great deal of experimenting with virtual computer environments and utilize ISO images quite often instead of constantly going back to the same CD repeatedly. Ubuntu makes it easy to create an ISO image from your CD or DVD.

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Posted January 29, 2008 by

Ubuntu: What Version am I Running?

Not sure what version of Ubuntu is on your system(s)? You can find this info easily via the GUI or the terminal. Here’s how:

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Posted January 27, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Enable DVD Playback

I enjoy watching movies, so getting DVD playback on my Ubuntu install was a definite priority. Nothing sadder than putting a DVD into your drive and having your system be unable to play the disc. Here’s how to enjoy your DVD movies on your Ubuntu system:

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Posted January 25, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Disable the System Beep

If you find the System Beep to be annoying (and let’s face it, it is!), you can disable it with a simple terminal command and be system beep free.

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Posted January 23, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Bypass Trash When Deleting a File

Have a file that isn’t even worthy of going to Trash, you just want it to disappear? Ubuntu allows you to add a command to the context menu that will delete the file instead of sending it to Trash.

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Posted January 21, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Getting KDE 4.0 to Accept Your sudo Password

If you’ve installed the latest and greatest KDE, it hasn’t taken long for you to notice that it won’t accept your sudo password when it needs to run an application with administrative permissions. This is because Ubuntu uses sudo while KDE uses root. Here’s how to fix this:

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Posted January 20, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Install Compiz Config Settings Manager to Configure Desktop Effects

Compiz-Fusion adds some very sexy desktop effects to Ubuntu. To easily customize these effects, it is vital to use the Compiz Config Setting Manager. Here’s how to install this great utilitiy:

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