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Posted December 14, 2008 by

Ubuntu – Use the Terminal to Display a Calendar

I am always needing to have quick access to a calendar to set deadlines and plan out various tasks. Using Ubuntu’s Terminal, you can quickly pull up a calendar of any month or year (past, present, or future).

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Posted November 24, 2008 by

Ubuntu 8.10: Easily Install Inside Windows for Dual Booting

Dual booting your machine sounds like a complicated task, but if you want to run both Windows and Ubuntu, it is a piece of cake. In a short amount of time with minimum effort you can be set up to boot into either OS on your computer.

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Posted October 2, 2008 by

Open vim editor to first occurrence of search term

I don’t want to admit how long I’ve been using vi as my go-to editor (although if vi had been born then, it would now be old enough to drink and vote). One of the things I love about vi is that you only need to know a few things to use it, but it […]

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Posted September 22, 2008 by

Ubuntu : Enable NTFS read/write options (accessing XP and Vista drives)

This recipe explains how to enable NTFS read/write options in Ubuntu and in turn allows one to read/write to any XP or Vista partitions one may have. This will be shown using Terminal to install. Applies to Ubuntu 7.04 and up (Gutsy Gibbon, Feisty Fawn, Hardy Heron)

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Posted August 18, 2008 by

How to empty or clear the contents of an existing UNIX file

If you want to empty the contents of a UNIX file, you could delete it and recreate it, but, as is typical of UNIX, there are more elegant alternatives. Here are a couple of ways to dump the innards of a file. If you know of any others, add them to the comments.

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Posted August 14, 2008 by Play TicTacToe (Easter Egg)

If you’re running the recent version of OpenOffice and feel like taking a break and playing then you’re in luck. There’s an Easter Egg that let’s you play a simple game of TicTacToe against the application.

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Posted August 11, 2008 by Play StarWars Galaxy (Easter Egg)

If you’re running the recent version of OpenOffice and feel like taking a break and playing then you’re in luck. There’s an Easter Egg that let’s you play a simple version of Space Invaders, titled StarWars Galaxy.

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Posted July 8, 2008 by

Defend Your Web Server Against Distributed Denial of Services (DDos) Attacks

In computer security, it quickly becomes apparent that preventing computer attacks is much more challenging than attacking computers. A good example of an easy technique to prevent a website from functioning is a distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack in which a number of compromised computers around the internet make web (or other protocol) […]

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Posted April 7, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Creating a repository using APTonCD

Having a repository of packages you’ve downloaded using apt is good for when you need all of your favorite applications in a flash. Here’s how:

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Posted March 2, 2008 by

Ubuntu: 4 Ways to Install Programs or Packages

This howto describes the simple, common methods for installing packages in Ubuntu.

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Posted February 20, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Stop Display from Going to Sleep when Inactive

By default, Ubuntu puts your display to sleep after it has been inactive for a period of time. While this is a good idea when you are running on battery power, it can be annoying when you are on AC power.

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Posted February 17, 2008 by

Ubuntu: Change How Often Your System Checks for Updates

By default, Ubuntu automatically checks for updates daily. If this is too frequent for you, you can change the interval to something that better fits your needs.

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