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How to Send a Direct Message Using Twitter

how to send twitter direct message

If you send a tweet to someone in Twitter using @someone, that tweet will be sent to them and their followers.  If you want to get their attention, it is better to send a message to them directly. This is called a direct message (commonly known as DM).

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Enhance Your Privacy and Security Settings in Google Chrome


Google Chrome is currently the reigning champ of the web browser war, but it is not optimally pre-configured. Follow the steps in this tutorial to use Chrome’s expanded settings to power up the performance and increase the degree of security.

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OnePlus One: How to Customize the Notification LED


The notification LED can be a useful tool, especially when you are in situations that require you to silence your phone. The OnePlus One uses a full, multi-color LED that sits to the right of the front-facing camera and can be fully customized to adjust the color of the default notification as well as to […]

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Posted January 21, 2015 by

How to Delete LinkedIn Contacts

how to delete linkedin connections

Let’s face it.  Many of the people who are your contacts on LinkedIn are people you do not even know, whom you added for reasons you cannot remember.  Let’s see how to delete them.

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How Do I Cut My Own Micro and Nano SIM Cards

feature micro SIM card

Are you using a Mini SIM (2FF)? More commonly termed as the regular SIM card, Mini SIM is still the most widely used SIM card in the world. You may notice, though, that once you switch to flagship devices, they are using smaller types of SIM cards. These are the Micro SIM card (3FF) and […]

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OnePlus One: How to Switch from Dalvik Runtime to ART


The Dalvik runtime has been used in previous versions of Android, but the Android runtime (ART), which is used on Android Lollipop, is quicker and smoother. You do not have to wait for Lollipop to be released for your OnePlus One to start using the ART runtime on your device.

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How Do I Automatically Switch Off the Internet Connection Whenever the Screen Turns Off on My Samsung Phone

Smart Network Feature

Having an internet connection on a smartphone is great, whenever you need one. It can be annoying, however, if you find your battery drained because you forgot to disable your Wi-Fi. Even worse, you could be paying for mobile data charges while you are asleep because you did not turn off your phone’s data connection. […]

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How to Use Chrome Incognito Mode


Google has come under much criticism for using your personal data for advertising and tracking.  In a gesture addressed toward their many critics, Google has added a private browsing feature to Chrome called incognito mode that can help you opt out of tracking. It works, but only for a very short duration.  Web pages can still […]

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Posted January 5, 2015 by

How Do I Manage Tasks and Events Using S Planner on My Samsung Galaxy Phone?

S Planner Featured image

You will soon realize that, as you grow older, responsibilities and tasks grow with you. If you are in a stage of life where there are just too many things that you need to remember and ribbons on your fingers no longer help, then it may be time that you use a planner. You could […]

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How to Back Up Google Docs

how to backup google drive

If you are like me, you worry that Google or Microsoft will lose the documents you store there in the cloud.  They have never lost anything of mine, so far.  However, if something goes wrong with your system, are you sure they will be able to recover it?  Just to be safe, I make a […]

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