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How to Disable Message Replies for Instagram Stories


By default, the stories that you are shared on Instagram will be visible to all users, and everyone can send message to you using the dedicated button on each story. Comparing to a comment, a message goes straight to your Instagram inbox. Hence it will draw more attention and sure is more annoying if the […]

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How to Browse the Internet Safely

How to Browse the Internet Safely

Today, we all are all aware of browsing dangers and that we need to protect our personal information. From inventing strong passwords and fighting never-ending spam to protecting your documents and private data, you constantly need to exercise caution in pretty much any type of activity online. To help you with that, use this basic […]

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How to Use My Own Music for iOS 10 Memories


The Memories feature inside the Photos app on iOS 10 uses machine learning to help you rediscover favorite events from photos in your collection. It even creates a video out of the photos with background music and presents it to you in a personal and meaningful way. While the music that comes with the app […]

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How to Send Secret Messages on Facebook


Facebook now allows you to send encrypted messages to your contacts. An encrypted message is secure, and only the intended recipient can access it. Facebook cannot even access it. To ensure that your encrypted messages are protected, a device key for you and your contact is available for you both to verify. The encrypted message […]

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How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Google Pixel


Google has entered the smartphone market with a bang. With the introduction of Pixel and Pixel XL, the tech giant joins HTC, Samsung, LG, and Apple in the battle for the top-selling smartphone. As an Android phone, Pixel’s greatest competition is the Apple iPhone. Convincing iPhone users to switch to the Pixel smartphone may not […]

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Amazing Home Automation Companies You Need to Know


Home automation or smart home system is one of the best products technology has given consumers. It gives easy access and control over the different appliances, lighting, ventilation, heating, and air conditioning inside your home which means an easy, convenient, and safe lifestyle.

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How to Hide Instagram Stories from Specific Followers


The Instagram Stories feature, which is similar to Snapchat stories, lets you share a slideshow of photos and videos that will disappear in 24 hours. These stories appear on top of your followers’ feeds, so they will probably attract more attention and get more views. While the stories will all disappear in 24 hours, you […]

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How to Block Spam Comments on Instagram


The Instagram comment field is a magnet for spam and annoying advertisements from all sorts of accounts. While users can report these comments to the service so that spam accounts get blocked, it is a time-consuming task, and the accounts still keep coming back with different names. Luckily, Instagram has introduced a feature for blocking […]

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How to Secure Your Yahoo Account


You have probably already heard that Yahoo was hacked. In a blog notice posted on Tumbler, the tech giant’s microblogging and social networking website, Yahoo has confirmed that at least 500 million user accounts were compromised, exposing personal data such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, hashed passwords, and security questions and answers. Yahoo […]

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Switch between Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Automatically on iPhone


For those who have an internet connection for both Wi-Fi and cellular data, manually switching between the two may not be an issue. For those who do not, problems arise when you are surfing the internet with your Wi-Fi connection, and then the Wi-Fi’s connectivity suddenly slows down. You either have to sit and wait […]