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How to Personalize Your Google News Feed

Google news

Google News is a popular site for aggregating news stories from all over the world. Google, the master of algorithms, pulls together stories based on freshness, trends, diversity, and relevance. Each story has links to several sources, so you can find a balance of opinions and ideologies. The main strength of Google News is that […]

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How to Choose a Website Host

How to choose a website host

The first step in launching a website is to choose a website host to connect your site to the internet. You can purchase a package that offers hosting along with a pre-developed website template, but for the most flexibility (or if you need capabilities that the typical DIY package does not offer), you may need to select a stand-alone Web hosting provider. […]

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All You Need to Know About Locked Vs. Unlocked Phones

Locked vs unlocked phones

What’s a locked phone? A locked phone will only work with a specific network provider. The phone’s network provider can install memory-hogging apps, ringtones and logos that you cannot remove when your phone is locked. Network carriers sell locked phones at prices lower than those of their unlocked equivalents, which is why locked phones are so […]

Posted January 23, 2016 by

How to Use Pandora Outside of the US, Australia or New Zealand


Pandora is a well-known music streaming and music recommendation service. The only drawback is that it is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Even if you come from one of these countries, but you are currently living somewhere else, you will not be able to use Pandora as it blocks your IP. […]

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How to Send a Google Form


Google Forms is an excellent way to collect information from a group of people. You can Add styled themes, View automatically generated response reports and more. You can read about how to make a basic Google Form in my tutorial here. Once you have made your Google Form, you need to send it out to the people who […]

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How to Create a Google Photos Shared Album

Google Photos Shared Album

The recently released Google Photos shared album is a fantastic feature for people who manage all of their photos using the Google Photos app. It allows you to share an album with other cross-platform Google Photos users who can join and contribute. Shared albums can be created on the mobile app or on Creating […]

Posted December 28, 2015 by

How to Change Nickname and Color in Facebook Chat


With the recent update, the Messenger app for Facebook now lets you customize the chat bubble color, change the name of your friend in a chat thread and set a frequently used emoji so that you can send it to your friend in just one tap. Continue reading to find out how to do all […]

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Posted December 27, 2015 by

How to Use Data Validation in Google Forms


Google Forms is a helpful tool for collecting information from a large group of people. You can use the forms you create to make contact lists, send out surveys, manage registrations, and more. Like all Google Docs, multiple people can edit your form at the same time before you send it out. Forms will organize the responses with […]

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How to Use Google Docs Review Mode

Google Docs Home Page

The biggest advantage of Google Docs is that several people can edit a document at once without ever having to save. You can write and re-write each other’s text without any hassle. However, what if you want to discuss edits with your co-writers before making them? You can accomplish this by using the Google Docs […]

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Posted December 21, 2015 by

How to Create a Google Photos Story

Google Photos Story

I could go on and on about all the things I love about Google Photos. (Read my articles on auto-syncing from your phone and sharing accounts.) One unique feature of Google Photos is the ability to create Stories, which are like guided albums with an aesthetic flow. A Google Photos Story is a great medium for sharing photos of your […]