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How Do I Move Between Screens in My Apple Watch App?


An Apple Watch is very similar to its iPhone counterpart regarding how you navigate between screens. You can do it from the storyboard or the code. Learn how to do both in this tutorial.

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How Do I Cut My Own Micro and Nano SIM Cards

feature micro SIM card

Are you using a Mini SIM (2FF)? More commonly termed as the regular SIM card, Mini SIM is still the most widely used SIM card in the world. You may notice, though, that once you switch to flagship devices, they are using smaller types of SIM cards. These are the Micro SIM card (3FF) and […]

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How Do I Maximize the Battery Life of My iPhone or iPad

iphone battery

An iPhone or iPad’s battery life will not last forever. It will only hold a finite number of charge cycles. Once the charge cycles are depleted, your battery is due for replacement. Since your device’s battery is estimated to only last until its last charging cycle, maximizing the use of your phone’s battery will prevent […]

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How Do I Hide the Contents of New Messages on My iPhone’s Lock Screen?


By default, when you have a new text message, the Messages app displays a notification containing a preview of the message on the lock screen. While this feature can be useful when you want to take a quick look at a message without unlocking the phone, it could potentially reveal its content to others. For […]

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How to Set Up VPN on iPad

how to configure VPN for iPad

You usually use VPN for two purposes:  to connect to your company’s network from home and when traveling or to connect to a public VPN service. You use a public VPN service for two reasons as well:  to hide your real IP address and to spoof your geographical location so that you can watch geographically-restricted video or […]

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Posted December 24, 2014 by

How to Lock Screen Rotation on the iPad iOS 8


Some things just do not look right on their sides, like newspapers.  Below we explain the issue with iPad’s automatic screen rotation and how to turn it off when you feel it is necessary.  Before we get started, know that on the iPad with iOS 8, there are two ways you can stop the screen from […]

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How Do I Create Custom Vibration Patterns on My iPhone?


If the stock vibration patterns that come with iOS are often the cause of missed calls and messages on your phone, you can follow this tutorial to create your own distinct, aggressive vibration patterns so that you will detect the notifications as soon as they reach your phone.

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Posted December 22, 2014 by

How Do I Delete iPhone Backups to Free Up Space in My iCloud Account?


By default, your iPhone periodically performs a system backup and transfers it to your iCloud account. While the online backup could be helpful when you restore your phone, it takes a lot of iCloud space. Moreover, if you usually connect your phone to the computer and perform backups using iTunes, the online backup file may […]

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How Do I Send and Receive SMS and Make Calls from My Mac?


The Continuity feature on OS X Yosemite lets you send and receive normal text messages and even make calls from your iPhone on your Mac. Here is how to set it up.

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How Do I Fix the Issue “This Class is not Key Value Coding-Compliant for the Key” in Xcode 6?


The error “This class is not key value coding-compliant for the key” is a common problem for iOS developers which causes an app to crash right at launch. Read on to find out the solution to the issue.