Android: How to change ring time for calls before sent to voicemail (AT&T / T-Mobile / GSM Networks)

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This tech-recipe will explain how to change the length of time your phone will ring before it sends a call to voicemail.  This will only work on GSM based mobile carrier and Android phones (ie AT&T, T-Mobile, any network that uses a SIM Card).

1.On your Android phone, go to your Phone app and then dial: *#61# and hit Call button.

This will display your current voicemail number and the delay time. Write down the number since we will need to enter this in next.

2. On your Android phone, we will go to your Phone app and then the keypad.  We will now dial this number from the keypad to change the time your phone will ring before it goes to Voicemail.

**61*1yyyYYYyyyy*11*xx# and then hit the call button

So in the above code, you will put your voicemail number where the yYs are and the time delay in seconds for the xx‘s.  Once you hit call it will give confirmation if it was successful or not.

Delay is in five second increments with the maximum being 30 seconds (ie 5,10,15,20,25,30 secs).

So for example, if my voicemail number is 555-444-4444 and i want to set it to the maximum 30 seconds, i would dial this on my Android phone’s keypad:


This will work for AT&T, T-Mobile, and any other GSM /Sim Card Carrier and may work on other phones besides Android devices.


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  • Since all the heavy lifting is being done by the carrier, I would say that this has to work with any GSM phone and a carrier that supports it.

    • you are correct in your assumption! 🙂 this will work for nearly any phone on a GSM mobile carrier. i haven’t tried it only on a few android phones and my dumbphone.

    • Anonymous

      Good point, BB Price. I posted a similar article about using this with the iPhone.

      But most people won’t google for “voicemail GSM” and will search for their particular phone OS or network instead…

      • I didn’t catch that one the first time. 🙂

        And since it worked with my non-Android Nuviphone (barely a smartphone at that, but that’s another discussion) and my old V3 RAZR, limiting it to Android I thought was a bit too much.

        And now I can change the timing to suit me, which is the part I’m enjoying!

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  • Guest

    I discovered my Android 2.2 phone also has a settings page that allows me to configure the ring time. Go to Settings -> Call -> Call forwarding -> Forward when unanswered. Enter the forwarding number and select the Delay from the drop-down menu.

    • ion

      >Thank you, this helped me a lot. Was so annoying, I had not time to take the phone from my pocket before the call was transferred to voice mail. And on contract I’m charged by T-mobile for ‘retrieving voice mail’

  • Albin

    I am not sure the above works for those who have activated the Google Voice App on their Android phone.
    I get the following when entering *#61# send :

    Call forwarding
    Voice: Not Forwarded
    Data: Not forwarded
    FAX: Not Forwarded

    Is there anther place to change the number of rings if you have Google voice as your “Voicemail service” under Call settings.

    I changed my voicemail service to “My Carrier” tried the *#61# and still got:

    Call forwarding
    Voice: Not Forwarded
    Data: Not forwarded
    FAX: Not Forwarded

    I guess I need to call in everytime I need the change the number of rings.

    If anyone has found a work around for this…. that would be great.


  • Matt

    Thanks, looks like I’ll be doing a live call to CS for the pickup time extension. I would have just done that first, but your tidbit had me curious.

    However, when I tried the #61#, I got: “Call forwarding when no reply service has been disabled.”

    So, I just went ahead and tried the whole *61*…. procedure and got an error regarding call forwarding.

  • peter

    thanks for the tip. successfully change default delay to my preferred. works on my canadian carrier 🙂

  • Tristan

    It only worked for me if I didn’t use the “1” before the voicemailnummer.