Move Application Icons to Organize Blackberry Home Screen

Having to scroll back and forth over unused applications on your Blackberry will wear out your thumb. Place your most frequently used applications close together on the home screen to make your life easier.

To move an application icon on the home screen of your Blackberry, roll over the application, press the Alt key (the one that looks like a crescent moon) and click the wheel. Select Move Application, and roll the wheel until you find the right place for the application. Then press the wheel again to put the application there.


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  • GiGi

    I have a Blackberry Bold and here is my problem.

    In the ADVANCED OPTIONS it shows that I have the GPS program, but I dont see an icon anywhere so I can at least move it to the home screen. HELP?

    • Joanne

      The GPS is in the Downloads folder.. Press Menu/Move to Folder to move it. I recommend downloading Google Maps, though.

    • Name

      You can delete that application. then pull battery out , then it will reappear. Just go back in then and redownload it.

  • Thank you for your good article.

  • great article…so I can solve my search after long time…could you help me with other suggestion?

  • Danish

    This is solve for my BB Bold 9700, now I design my own app shortcut easily


    Hey, I have a Curve 9360 and i accidentally moved my mail icon into the media folder and now i am unable to move it back to the “all” folder help please!

    • pattygirl

      OK, your problem is that you are trying to move it from the Media Tab and you can’t move it from there. Go back to your All Tab and in All select the Media FOLDER. Once in your Media Folder you will see your BBM, and in there you can select Move To Folder>Home.

      Hope that made sense.

  • Ed Schupsky

    BB Torch 9800 I have TTY displayed on my menu 18 times and it should only have 1 display. Ho d I fix this?