Apple’s Version of Rock ‘n’ Roll [pic]

   Posted October 28, 2010 by David Kirk in Apple Mac

Apple has recently rolled out Ping, a social network built around music. How will Apple affect the marketing of music?

Apple recently released guidelines for artists appearing in the Ping network:

“Videos, photos, and text posts should not contain pornography, hate speech, racism, nudity, or any references to or depictions of drug use.”

Oh, Apple…


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  • hepatologist

    I’ve always found it very ironic that Apple’s rebirth was due to the iPod and thus digital music. However, as a whole, Apple has always distanced itself from sex, alcohol, drugs, and such.

    R-rated movies are okay to apple, “explicit” labelled music is okay, but everything else is very G-rated.

    Somehow they find the fine line to walk.

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised how schizophrenic they are about it. Some PG-13 type applications are rejected while other applications are allowed with “adult content” warnings.

      And what is up with allowing violence and gore while not allowing nudity? Is seeing breasts really that much more damaging or obscene than war?

  • HAHHA!!!!! we need to get a filter like that on our firewall for websites. Think your going to porn? nope, we put you through the Ping filter and you end up at a site showing kittens and unicorns 😛

    yea, does not seem to be much middle ground between the G and R content. the world is not rated G anymore, we see more violence on our daily local tv news broadcasts. Plus, aren’t parents responsible for the content their kids are watching, buying on their iDevices (ie parental controls??)?