How Do I Download My Entire Facebook Account?

   Posted October 8, 2010 by David Kirk in Internet

Facebook recently released the ability to archive and download your entire Facebook account. This download includes your pictures, videos, friends, and wall posts. The inability to export information out of Facebook has long been a criticism of the service; however, this new features allows you to back up your Facebook information in case you ever wish to leave the service.

I am really glad that Facebook has released this feature. This provides a safe way for people to retrieve all their data if they ever wish to leave.

1. Click Account and then Account Settings in the upper right-hand corner of Facebook

2. Under Download Your Information click Learn More

3. Click the Download button

4. Under the Request My Download dialog box press another Download button

5. The dialog text will change to “You will receive an email when your archive is ready for download.” Press the Okay button.
6. Check your email account for the download link and click it. You will be returned to facebook.
7. Verify your password and press the Continue button.

8. Press the Download Now button

9. Your information will be downloaded as a compressed ZIP file. Double-click to decompress. Open the folder and double-click the index.html file to view your archived material in your browser. This information is stored locally on your computer.

By following these steps, you will have a complete history and archive of everything you have placed into Facebook.


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  • Please note that this feature has not yet been activated for everybody. If you do not see “Download Your Information” under ACCOUNT SETTINGS, just be patient. Facebook is slowly rolling out this new feature.

    • Thanks. I keep reading about this, but it certainly hasn’t shown up on my account yet. Not that I have all that much to download right now anyway. :/

  • Zainal Bin Shamsuddin

    Not yet appear in my account setting…

  • Thanks for the step by step process .Thanks to facebook too for such a wonderful product support.


  • M will

    yeah its not on my account yet either… can’t wait! sick of “save image as…” and forgetting what images i had saved 🙂

  • Spikerpunk02

    try fotobounce.. it will download all your album(photos) in one click

  • 3 weeks now still not on my account

    • Anonymous

      It appears in my account now 🙂

  • Oslevillela

    It doesn”t download the entire information, in my case I just got messages of the last three months. How can I get the entire information?

    Thank you so much.

  • atst

    If I download already… There will be new tagged photos and new messages and etc. So do I/can I download again? Or will the zip file that I’ve downloaded will update itself? I’m kinda confused about it. Wanted to find information about it.. But kinda no answer.

  • Geenico

    I could do my facebook personal account download even though it is data heavy but my facebook page for my company does not download. Any tips please?

  • Mohamad Hajjar

    they are saying windows cannot open the folder and the compressed zip folder is invalid,why cant u guys install an application that will wokrk? is it that hard?

  • Mohamad Hajjar

    they are saying windows cannot open the folder and the compressed zip folder is invalid,why cant u guys install an application that will wokrk? is it that hard?

  • Terry Adkins

    when i downloaded my data i didnt recive all the stuff me and my friends wrote in messages and wall post

  • Shameem

    Dawnlord my Facebook

  • kelly

    at down load my data it stops and dont go any farther

  • Judy

    I have the same issue. Stops at “request my download”

  • Tearra Shipp


  • Chris Farrell

    Will a person be able to delete everything they ever did on Facebook and remove themselves from it totally?

  • Naruto

    I downloaded my facebook but now how can I upload it to my new facebook?