Windows Live Mail 2011: How to Change the Default Font and Size

   Posted October 10, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Windows

The default font for creating emails is Calibri. Many people have grown tired or just frankly dislike this font. Luckily, changing Calibri to a different default font (or different size) is rather simple.

One of my officemates hates Calibri like the plague. Changing the default composition font was the first thing he did after installing the new Windows Live Mail.

If you are looking for ideas, a previous favorite default was Times Roman New,

1. Launch Windows live mail 2011 and log in your account.

2. Click on the blue button at the top left and choose Options->Mail…..

3. Switch to Compose tab in Options window.

4. Click on Font settings… (Mail’s font Settings), choose your font in the new window and hit OK. You can change the font size here as well.

5. Hit OK again in the Options window.

If you are a true Calibri hater, you can now


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  • hifromnz

    How do I change the font and size of the folders, message list and reading panes?

    • Jeremymayer37

      Yes!! This How do I do this!?!

  • K Plank

    I have been trying to figure out how to permanently change the default Windows Live Mail 2011 font for weeks. It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t figure out a way to do it. Thank you for returning me to sanity.

  • Mike Ward

    Thank for explaining a change in such a simple way.


  • ray


    Thank you

  • Barbara

    Much easier than I ever imagined. Beats trying to get the help from Windows off the computer. Thank you

  • Barbara

    Thanks so much

  • Tony Stephens

    Thanks for this information. I’m not sure why I was not able to figure it out for myself but it took a long time to find this information on the internet mainly because I kept insisting on trying to use the Help on Windows Live Mail which took me to a web site that is worse than useless as it provides no help and yet consumes much time before frustration causes you to give up.

  • Liz

    Thank you so much. Have spent all afternoon trying to work this out. Just didn’t notice the compose tab!!

  • Gordon Hinch

    What a joy! Like everyone else I was mystified. Thank you and especially for the perfect illustrations.


  • Taral816

    Is there a way to change the default font to different fonts for each account in live mail? Everytime I try it changes everyone else’s fonts too.

  • sury

    when i select “TAHOMA” Font size 9 , this way , then i go to compose mail it shows fonts only in Even no.(8,10,12 etc).. is there any trick for this also????????????

  • Heather Heywood

    Great explanation—easy to follow.

  • cheryl

    incoming messages with attachments/ads change plain text to html how do I stop this??

  • designer

    Calibri is a very nice font – easy to read and classy. Time is a font only wankers use. But then you are using windoze, so I doubt you have any sense anyway.