Windows 7: How Do I Rename Multiple Files at Once?

   Posted September 8, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Windows 7

When you have many files in a folder, renaming these files individually can take a lot of time. You do not have to rename files one-by-one. Following these directions will show you how to rename multiple files at once.

1. Select files you want to rename (you can press Ctrl+A to select all files or Ctrl+Left mouse to select files of your choice)

2. Hit F2 button on your keyboard.

You can also right click and select Rename from the context menu.

3. Rename your first file and hit Enter. The following files will be renamed right after that with an extra number at the end.


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  • hehe

    the awesomeness! It is too much!

    • Anonymous

      Glad to hear your feedback ^^

  • Deb_irene

    Renaming multi files at once, especially pics, is such a time saver. Love it!

  • schmerh

    what about renamin tv series episodes….this wont work


    What if the brackets () should not come at all ?


      I mean how to remove the brackets() after using your method of renaming files

  • giger

    Great! But brackets are not nice. Could be digits only.

    • Vikash

      also i have the same problem>

  • Patrick Seely

    Thank you for this tip. This is a must know technique for manipulating image file sets.

  • bilietai

    thanx nice tip, but how can i save them in other format

  • David

    If you add the parenthesis and a number yourself when you rename the first one you can pick what number it starts with. I like to use 100 or 1000 so it always stays in the right order. If you let the computer default to start with “1” is doesn’t use leading zeros and messes up the sorting order. Start with a big number so all of your files have the same number of digits in the name.


    Hello It is nice but how can I rename them in like lets say files are 000.jpg 004.jpg 008.jpg and on … And I like to have them picture_0.jpg picture_1.jpg picture_2.jpg or a_001.jpg a_002.jpg a_003.jpg …..
    thank you

  • Jagdeep Mankotia

    Yes, Its right way and true. Thanks a lot.

  • Gory

    Absolutely Amazing, I’ve been using Windows 7 for 3 years and this single article has just saved me hours of work, thank you ;o)

  • Turquinha

    so, Im looking for a command that renames several files at once BUT, what I want is to ADD information to the filename

    lets say the name of the file is: New Divide.mp3 and I want to rename it to Linkin Park New Divide.mp3 so…. can you help me??? I want to add the “Linkin Park” to a lot of files…

    thank you!!!!

    • ADOLFO

      > You should try Thunar files admin in Ubuntu 😉


    Sometimes I need to rename a bunch on pic files but with an specific prefix/subfix tag and a particular numbering and that could easily be done in Ubuntu with Thunar, but how can >I do the same in Win7???

  • Terry Bedard

    When I try to rename all the pics that way, it reshuffles everything back to the way it was. I’ve spent hours reorganizing the pictures into an order that I want! VERY frustrating. Yet I did it on the file previously and it worked.

  • Blackdoggy

    This is really not that useful. It will NOT renumber with initial zeros so files will not organize themselves correctly. Ex: It will do (1), (2), (3)…not, (001), (002), (003)…
    When files do not have the leading zeros, you get this:
    File 1
    File 1
    File 111
    File 2
    File 22
    File 222
    File 3….etc.
    this is another example of Microsoft clunking and bumping around in the dark. This is BASIC, BASIC stuff and for a renaming batch file to not be included with Windows is a prime example of their slack attitude. I have to go buy standalone software to perform this basic task.

    Even in Windows XP, there was a routine that came up as an option when you plugged in a camera to USB. You got a dialog box with the usual suspects like “Open Folder to View Files”, etc…and one of the options was “Windows Camera and Scanner Wizard”. You could select the photos that you wanted to affect, path to a save folder, add a file name prefix and then it would sequentially renumber and rename everything.

    Ex: You could take all the DCIM290458926349574 files…
    Add the correct path and folder
    Add a “prefix” such as: 2012-11-21_5 Yr Birthday-
    and have them automatically renamed and saved as:
    2012-11-21_5 Yr Birthday-001
    2012-11-21_5 Yr Birthday-002
    2012-11-21_5 Yr Birthday-003

    Apparently MS ditched that convenient bit. Nice going MS.

  • Steve

    I would like to rename a several hundred photos, but retain the original file names like Sue.jpg Amy.Jpg Fred.Jpg Etc. and add a prefix like (1000)Sue.jpg (1001)Amy.jpg (1002)Fred.jpg This would be very useful if I sorted the photos by Date before renaming them, then when displayed in a slide show, they would play in order.

  • Bharat

    Its very easy and awesome

  • ann ferentinos

    What a big time saver!! thanks so much

  • enkay

    How to rename multiple files with different new names?

  • Gabor

    Thanks a lot! That’s great!

  • Petar

    Asian power! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Manon

    How can I replace a word (Establishment) in multiple filenames?

    2013 Establishment # 122 to 2013 Premise # 122
    2013 Establishment # 123 to 2013 Premise # 123
    2013 Establishment # 124 to 2013 Premise # 124

  • Peter

    Hello is there possibility just to add prefix to file?

    Lets say I have videos : “Whatever” and “HelloWorld” and i want to get “1Whatever” and “2HelloWorld” so they will be more organised in a folder.



  • Manon

    How to change the same word in each file name to another word? filename ie: 2013 PRD 2425, 2013 PRD 2625.

    How to change PRD in both filenames to PFD?

  • M Asif

    Thank you very much. I would have spent days renaming 1000+ photos. Thanks awesome

  • Saghir

    it’s cool. Thanks

  • mehul

    thanx Dude 🙂 🙂

  • dada

    thanks so muchhhhh 😀

  • John Miller

    I tried this renaming in Windows 7 but when it puts brackets around the number the JPEG file is no longer able to to be edited with my photo editing program, is there a solution to this problem?
    John Miller

  • John Miller

    After renaming and I get the sequence number in brackets it is no longer a able to b e edited in my photo editing program. Is there a solution to this problem?

  • Joao Matos

    Thanks for this tip. it helped a lot!

  • zoulalyan

    great, that solves my problem