Pages for iPad: How to Add Page Numbers to a Document

Posted April 25, 2010 by Rob Rogers in Apple Mac

If you have a multipage document that is need of page numbers, Pages for iPad makes it easy and automatic. You just to to find and set the desired style and location and Pages will do the rest.

1. Open the desired document.

2. Go to the toolbar and tap the Tools icon. When the menu appears, select Document Setup.

3. Select either Tap to edit header (at the top) or Tap to edit footer (at the bottom), depending on where you want the page numbers located.

4. Select the desired region, (left, center, or right) where you want the page number located.

5. Go to the upper right corner of the page and tap the # icon.

6. Select the desired page numbering style.

7. Tap the Done button in the upper left corner.


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  • Flhandster

    There is no way to specify whether one wants the page numbers to be centered, right, or left!?! I am confused. What is up with that failing piece of the program???


  • Rnbusch

    I have been using my iPad to write my papers for school. I’d save them. When I get to school add the page number insert. Whew. Then I save a template to my iDisk so I wouldn’t have to keep making time to add the page numbers. Now I can just do it from my iPad.

    Thank you.

  • Outreach

    What if I don’t want to start on page 1?

  • Deena

    I have been struggling to number pages on a document on my dads ipad. We want to start the numbers on page 3. I have looked it up but dont understand or actually cant find what the posts are saying I should do!! I have tried inserting a page break and then starting the numbers on the page after but it didn’t work. I just ended up witha new blank page. I’d appreciate some help. If anyone has any instructions can you please make them really simple and detailed instructions (include what may seem to you to be obvious!!!) I cant seem to get the correct toolbar i need!!


  • Maria

    I don’t want to number my cover sheet. How do I begin to number the next page?