Windows 7: Install the Telnet Client

Posted May 14, 2009 by Rob Rogers in Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 doesn’t install the Telnet client. The client is for text-based communication with remote systems. You can install it by following these steps:

1. Click the Start Orb, then select Control Panel.

2. Select Programs and Features.

3. Select Turn Windows features on or off.

4. Check the Telnet Client checkbox.

5. Click OK.

6. A box will appear showing the installation process.

When it finishes running, the client is installed.


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The Conversation

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  • Tom

    Why would you install Telnet??? Use “putty” or something else, which uses secure connections!

    • LDS

      Putty is secure only if you use SSH. Otherwise is even less secure to connect for example to a Windows Telnet server (and 2008 can use it) because it only supports plain-text authentication.

  • dan

    totally agree with Tom. I think we all should be happy that telnet was not installed…

  • Michael

    I agree, and I don’t even think telnet should be allowed as an installable option.

  • Anonymous

    But after that it says something like this:”Fatal error.Not all of the features have been changed!”
    Any ideas????

  • FettesPS

    I agree that Telnet is insecure but there are many reasons for wanting to use it. It’s a great diagnostic tool, need to see if your mail server is working properly? Quickly telnet to that port and see if it responds. Another example is if you need to connect to an old server which only supports telnet. I have to work on an old Cobalt RAQ server that does not have SSH, so I am forced to use Telnet when I need to log into it.

    And besides, its not like we’re installing Telnet SERVER… just the client.

  • russ

    Telnet and even better Hyperterminal are just plain easy to use. I dont care about what is the l33t hacker way of doing things when I spent 10 hours moving systems and am looking at 6 more hours getting everything up!

  • Anonymous

    I try this but the picture in step 4 is not what I get. The box appears but it is blank and there are no boxes to check or uncheck. Therefore, I am unable to enable telnet.

  • Joel

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

  • Bubu

    Thx for this tip, I badly missed telnet on win7 simply to ping some IP/port that would refuse actual pings.

  • Blob

    Telnet ownz you foolz. nothing is secure…

  • Deepak

    Thank you! was looking out for this on Windows 7…

  • Heydar

    I turned it on and my ADSL speed was totally destroyed. my PC became fully bugy still while turned it off. Is there any option in CMD that I could turn everything to it’s company setting????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!