Kindle 2: How To Delete Ebooks, Photos and Items

Posted March 12, 2009 by Rob Rogers in Entertainment

It’s easy to get books, pictures, music files and other items on your Kindle. At some point, you are going to need to remove some of this to make room for more stuff. Here’s how to delete the files off of your Kindle 2.

1. Go to the Kindle’s Home screen.

2. Use the 5-way controller to locate and highlight the desired book, photo or item.

3. Press LEFT on the 5-way controller.

4. A black delete button will appear. Use the 5-way controller to select it.

5. When the confirmation box appears, use the 5-way controller to select ok.


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  • d

    this does not apply to archived items…how do you do that?

  • r

    this is easy and works well.

  • Nancy

    Thanks!!! I was grading student papers and didn’t want them sitting on the Kindle. Grateful for easy directions.

  • Anonymous

    thank you for walking me through deleting an item. i received my kindle as a christmas gift and was not sure how to do so. the next thing that i’d like to do is delete the authors screensavers, is there a way to do this? how many are there; i got tired of scrolling through, and does anyone know if any of them black writers?

    • loulac

      I did see Ralph Ellison after scrolling through many of them.

  • Thanks we were trying to figure this out with our new Kindle.

  • je99

    This only puts the item in the archived items… How do I make it go away completely?

  • IceyJ

    I was hoping this would tell me how to delete mp3s from the audio folder. I don’t have an option to delete them in Windows 7. Oh well… Guess I’ll keep looking.

  • shannon

    How do you delete from your Archived items??

  • Allie-Cat

    I am also trying to delete my archived items. At one point I could go into the Manage Your Kindle part of After some accidental clicking I found a screen where I could select the items I wanted to permanately delete and manually take them off. It was great but now I cannot find my way back. I was hoping someone else had found it as well. Oh well, I am back to search for it again. 🙂

    • cjshrop

      Go to you and sign-in. Go to “your account”. Go to “manage your kindle” and scroll down to “your orders”. Just under each book title, you’ll see a little “+” sign…click on that and it opens up other details. From there you’ll see “delete this title”. that removes it from your archives.

      • Pargumedo

        eres un genio, gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hjlskl85

    I have been having problems with deleting some duplicate items on my Kindle. I downloaded a free book from and got an error message multiple times so I reclicked on it and now have 5 copies on my Kindle. When I click on the button to delete and hit ok, it just grays out the item and then it pops right back up. What do I do to get rid of those items.

    • dcfrsw

      Hello Hjlskl85 I don’t know if you still have the problem of grayed item but I just found a solution: when you connect your Kindle under Windows if you get a message saying there is something to analyse (sorry I try to translate my Windows is in french) let Windows do it. I had the same problem grayed item impossible to delete but once fixed by Windows the delete worked fine.

  • JC

    If you want to wipe your Kindle 2 for resale or giving to a freind, do the following:

    1. Deregister your kindle.

    2. Slide and hold the on/off switch to the right and HOLD it for 20-25 seconds. Then set it down for a minute while it resets. When it boots up, you’ll see your archived items are (0) and your Kindle is wiped clean.

  • Jenesisx

    Thank you!!

  • Nahni

    How do you delete something from your Clippings?

  • thanks

  • thanks!

  • Kari Melody

    brilliant thanks!

  • ChristinaFrancine

    Very helpful information here. It’s too bad Kindle doesn’t come with a better user guide. Why don’t they?

  • Asurendhra

    u cant

  • Asurendhra

    u cant

  • tearose81

    If you figured out how to do this I would like to know, downloaded some music I really don’t want on there.

  • Bob

    I’ve gone onto manage account and have permanently deleted the items I don’t want and they no longer appear in my library – but they are still in my archived items. I don’t want these books anymore!! Can i delete them from my archived items or are they hear to stay??

  • Jana

    Same problem – never is deleted fro the Archive… I don’t want to keep them on my Kindle. Any way to delete permanently? Amazon site Kindle manager was of no use…

  • john moodie

    I have accidentaly deleted the file where I keep the books that I have read. I still have all the books but they are mixed in with the books I have bought but not read yet. Is there a way to restore the file and the completed books in it-over 200

  • HELP

    how to we get rid of author-screensavers we don’t like but keep others?

  • vicky

    Does anyone have any idea how to delete a ‘book’ from the Kindle app which is on the iPhone?