Windows 7 Beta: Remove the Send Feedback Link from the Title Bar

Beta 1 for Windows 7 places a Send Feedback link in the toolbar of each window that is opened. If you find yourself accidentally clicking this link often, or if you just want it removed, follow these steps.

1. Open Notepad.

2. Copy and paste the following into the new text document:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

3. Save the document as remove_send_feedback_link.reg.

4. Double-click the new file to merge it into the Registry.

5. Continue through the UAC prompt and confirm that you wish to perform the action.

6. Logoff and then log back on to your account.

The Send Feedback link is now removed.


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The Conversation

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  • Since this is beta software, it really would have been appropriate to urge people to only do this if they’re actually having problems with it. Otherwise, it’s everyone’s responsibility to actually submit feedback so they can help improve the OS rather than take advantage of it for now and then complain about its deficiencies later.

  • Travis

    I understand that about giving feedback to Microsoft to help improve the OS. However, it would be more effective and less annoying when trying to move a window if you didn’t have a link on every single window for feedback, and instead had an icon or a start menu place that you could click on to send feedback. I had to disable the send feedback link because every time I went to move a window I was clicking on Send Feedback.

    • Andy

      I really agree with Travis. I have recently broke my 22 inch Acer plasma screen and now using a 16 inch lcd. Every time I would try to minimize, i would hit the send feedback link.
      very interesting tip though. works great although I still recommend using the feedback tool so we can help make windows a better OS.

  • TedM

    Wow… it’s so simple… wow…

    That’s, worked like a charm, took me less than 45 seconds (Timed it!)

  • Dump

    Strange, it don’t works for me, even after restart : and now I can’t turn on the defender o.0

  • did not work for me

  • Does not work for me either, maybe it is because I’m using the German x64 of Windows 7 Beta

  • Justin

    Didn’t work for me, running 64bit English version.

  • tp

    Didn’t work for me at first on x64, but going back into registry, the value was 3 for some reason. I changed it to 0 and it worked fine.

    • GuardianFX

      Thanks TP


      Start (orb) – “regedit”
      + Control Panel

      Click on “Desktop”
      Navigate to “FeedbackToolEnabled”
      Double Click and change the value to 0

      • Jim

        Thanks for the step by step for the technologically challenged.

  • I had to replace the ” ” quotes with new ones to get this to work. Copy/Paste didn’t work 😉

  • SorcererX

    this is not working for me.. I don’t understand.

  • Dmitry

    Yeah, just gotta replace the quotes and works like a charm, takes about 30 seconds

    =) Thanks

  • raeb

    Do not just copy and paste the text above, as it will not work.

    You’ll have to replace the funky quotes around FeedbackToolEnabled with regular ones:


    instead of


  • Joel

    If this doesn’t work for you:

    1) Open regedit (start > type regedit)

    2) Search for “FeedbackToolEnabled”. (Ctrl +f )

    3) Double click on “FeedbackToolEnabled” and enter the value “0”

  • Didnt work for me. anybody got a clue as why?

  • Josh Suarez

    Attention! This registry tweak does NOT work in build 7022!

  • Spiktsu Tsunani

    Hey.. thanx for this..
    That was annoying..
    now it’s gone.. nice!
    Thank you 😀

  • Spiktsu Tsunani

    At first it didnt work for me either.. so i changed the value to (0) as GuardianFX mentioned..
    Then it worked… 😉

  • Anonymous

    i dont HAVE the “send feedback” link in any of my windows.
    i don’t realy want to delete it eather, but is this a bug in the stystem ?

    i’ve downloaded the RC version of windows 7 just a few days ago.
    possible the RC doesn’t contain the link anymore ?

    and. if i do find bugs in the OS how do i report them, since the link is gone

    tnx, ciao

  • My new compueter with Window 7 clashed after 1 week. The symptom is blank screen white cursor and I had no way to fix it. I wasted 1 week to trouble shoot and finally decided to re-install everything. Quite a great experience.