Excel 2007: How to Sort Rows

Posted November 30, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Microsoft Excel

By default, Excel allows you to sort your data by columns. If you run into a situation that requires that you sort the rows, you could do it by hand or let Excel do it for you.

1. Highlight the data to be sorted.

2. Go to the Ribbon and select the Data tab.

3. In the Sort & Filter section, select Sort.

4. In the Sort window, click the Options button.

5. In the Orientation section, select the Sort left to right radio button.

6. Click the OK button.

7. Now use the dropdowns in the Sort window to select the desired row and how you want it sorted.

8. Click the OK button.


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The Conversation

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  • Art

    Great tip.

  • Did’t know that you can sort sideways. Something new in Excel 2007.
    Thank you

  • Nathck

    What is going on that I can’t select the sort option?

  • MEG1963

    Finally, a nice feature for the new version. Not Digging the ribbon too much at all.

  • Kannan


  • Great tutorial given in your blog.I am impressed.Given post in your blog is simple yet so descriptive.

  • lee

    ONCE AGAIN, A TASK THAT WAS ONCE SO SIMPLE AND EASY, has been made more difficult deemed so by “those” that seem to think they know what is best for ALL OF US???!!!

  • victor

    the ribbon is just for one row, I need to sort 2000 rows how to do that. I try the recipe above and nothing.

  • I am the scorekeeper at an International Cheese Competition.
    When I sort data in one category, I sort FIRST on overall score, and SECONDLY on Flavor, only if there is a tie.
    The following data does not sort correctly. Values are all fixed at two decimals. Note that entry 6 should have been sorted ahead of entry 5.

    Entry Number Average Overall Score Average Flavour Score
    1 98.30 43.30
    2 98.25 43.25
    3 98.15 43.15
    4 98.00 43.20
    5 97.95 43.10
    6 97.95 43.15
    7 97.90 43.20
    8 97.90 43.00