iPhone/iPod Touch: Two Caps Lock Methods

Using cap locks on iPhone or iPod Touch devices is a useful feature that most people never use. When twittering I use this all the time… LOL, BFF, ABITHIWTITB, XOXOXO, etc…

For some reason with the iPhone, to type a series of upper case letters most people do the following: press shift key -> let go and press the letter, press shift key -> let go and press letter -> rinse, repeat, etc.

However, just like a real keyboard, you can just hold the shift key while you press the keys you want to be upper case:

press and HOLD shift key -> press letter, press letter, etc.

Alternatively, you can enable double tab shift lock:

Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Enable Caps Lock

Once this is enabled, tapping the shift key twice will turn on caps lock. When the caps lock is enabled, it will glow blue.

caps lock on iphone


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The Conversation

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  • Dale

    I DO NOT SEE A shift key

  • blind

    The Blackberry solution were you hold the key down longer is much more elegant, typing on the iphone is such a chore.

    • not blind

      hey blind you go to be kidding me!

      • Cocoroco

        I owned and like the iPhone too, but blind is right, the Blackberry
        is better, faster, and more accurate (full-keyboard ones) to type
        (nothing will ever beat mechanical feedback for human tactile sense)

  • heptat

    i have no problem using the iphone keyboard, but since when does a caps lock key work by *double* tapping it??? why doesnt it just toggle like a normal caps lock key?? weird

    • matt

      because its not a caps lock key, its just a shift key

  • Jess,

    THANKS! it was killing me! hahaa

  • Anonymous

    thanksm took forever to figure out. hmm…you have AT&T but not 5 bars? FALSE ADVERTISING SUIT!

  • rossisen

    You can also press the shift key and slide to another key and release.

  • Joe

    Thank You

  • Joe

    That is awesome!

  • Noneya