iPhone and Tmobile Users: T-Zones $5.99 data plan working on iPhone

This guide is for T-Mobile users who have a jailbroken iPhone and want to get nearly full data services at 1/4 the cost of the normal Total Internet data plan (normally est $19.99). This does not require the T-zones hack from Cydia (the tzones hack actually made my iphone’s data not work w/tzones).

Jailbroken or Simfree iPhone (obviously to use tmobile)
Tmobile’s T-Zones internet data package ($5.99/mo)

This guide is for T-Mobile users who have a jailbroken iPhone and want to get nearly full data services at 1/4 the cost of the normal Total Internet data plan (normally est $19.99). This does not require the T-zones hack from Cydia (the tzones hack actually made my iphone’s data not work w/tzones).

The forums over at http://modmyi.com are the basis for this recipe. So this is what you could call a shared recipe. πŸ™‚

After having a Jailbroken phone, go into Settings > General.

Then go to Network and then Cellular Data Network.

–Change the APN to: epc.tmobile.com
(if this does not work, you may need: wap.voicestream.com this is the older APN for tzones and works for certain areas only)

–Also be sure that “Data Roaming” is enabled from the Network screen.

-if you do have the total internet package, you can either use internet3.voicestream.com or internet2.voicestream.com in the APN setting; use wap.voicestream.com as a last resort since its been reported the connection speeds are slower even for the total internet package payers.
-my configuration: iPhone 2.2 jailbroken, tmobile tzones $5.99 plan, location: MN USA, date: 11/10/08
please post if you have success or not and your config/location/date


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  • mike

    thanks works like a charm!!!

    • Woooohooo! Seamonkey ROCKS!

  • Ralph

    Awesome! Didn’t work at first but rebooted and then it works.

  • Mike D

    This works. However, data roaming doesn’t need to be enabled. Thanks!

  • Mike Adams

    I am formerly a suncom customer and the apn settings for suncom are mobileinternet and thats the only one i can get to work under t-mobile now however it occasionally causes problems with our bill but we usually get it fixed. But all the other apn settings don’t work only the suncom apn. I’m not sure why email me at mikeadams78@gmail.com if you have a suggestion

  • Alex

    worked great in a 2g, jailbroken and unlocked for use on T-mobile (duh, I guess) in Michigan.

    • vic

      was working fine up to friday the 21st. today monday the 24th, its not working.
      NYC iPhone 2G 2.1.

  • Cash Brown


  • chai

    works like a charm! the new street view is awesome. thanks so much!

  • LKW

    doesn’t work at all. I don’t know if it is just me.
    I have tried everything hacking putting in tuns of APN’s
    I even have the total data plan for like 25 and i cant get internet to work.


    • AK

      will this work using the tmobile hot spot plan for 9.99
      dont see the 5.99 option to add in my tmobile account page

      • AB

        There are 2 networks on your iPhone: 01) WiFi and 01) Cellular internet access from T-Mobile (phone uses this slower network when no WiFi is available).

        The $9.99 HotSpot plan is only for access to T-Mobile’s WiFi networks at Starbucks and other public areas. NO cellular network access is included.

        If you already have the $19.99 total data network plan, you may want to stick with it, as the rates just increased to $24.99/$34.99 per month. T-Moblie says they now will not switch an iPhone to any other data network plan….not even the new $9.99 Web2Go plan (formerly the Tzones network plan). πŸ™

  • Kurt Warner

    iPhone 2.2 firmware with T-Zones plan

    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Date: 11-30-2008
    Speed: 305kbps
    Internet, Youtube, Google Maps, Weather, everything works perfect!!

    • AB

      TMobile just banished their $5.99 Tzones plan and replaced it with a newly modified $9.99 “Web2Go” plan (http://blogs.zdnet.com/cell-phones/?p=286). I called many times (and spoke to many reps), and they still won’t switch my phone to the Web2Go plan….they say that any data phones require the $19.99 Total Internet package. I will still try to get them to switch my plan.

      If you are lucky enough to have the $5.99 Tzones plan, DON’T CHANGE A THING! You are “grandfathered in”, and should not have any problems with your network access.

      …and remember: This is for CELLULAR network access only. If you have Wi-Fi, none of these extra cellular plans are required (you just have to be on WiFi to access the internet & email).
      iPhone 2G, software 2.2

      • Anonymous

        I just spoke with tmobile. They said I could switch from the 19.99 to the web2go 9.99 plan. That is for web and webmail only and 100mg. There are more expensive options available.

  • MH

    I’ve tried it several times and it’s not working. I set the APN to the epc address and turned roaming on, but I keep getting a no network connection message. I’m on the tzones plan and it used to work before I reset my phone and then upgraded to 2.2. Any other suggestions?

  • Michael

    do u have to pay anything besides the t zones because it says im not suscribed and have to pick a plan?
    please help thanks in advance

  • DJ

    I have signed up for the 9.99 web2g0 plan, what kind of setting should I do. to make my edge work.

  • Nate

    works in San diego ca great

  • drew

    When I tried to use the internet with “epc.tmobile.com” as the APN it told me that this data plan wasn’t compatible with my phone and that I needed a subscription upgrade to the $20 plan.
    With “Internet3.voicestream.com” it told me that I wasn’t subscribed to a data plan.
    But “Internet2.voicestream.com” seems to be working like a charm.

    • Alex

      same exact thing happened to me, Internet2.voicestream.com worked like a charm

  • khaldoun

    When you call T-mobile what phone type do you tell them you have? They couldn’t figure out how to do it for my iphone.


  • marbs

    I have a 3g for tmobile…and i have the sidekick unl plan. how do i get tmobile to give me the 5.99 plan? i changed the apn to epc.tmobile.com but it tells me im not subcribed to it.. and when i go to check the prices it says there are no plans available for me.

    • Don

      i fought with t-mobile for 20min and they kept telling me that the 5.99 plan no longer exsisted but trust me it does and i heard through a reliable sourse they r not going to get rid of it just keep it quiet. its so quiet most operators dont even know about it i had to talk to the manager and i frustrated her so much she was saying the promo code out loud luckly i had a pen and paper. so u guys that want the cheap service here is what u do. first put your sim in an older phone that has internet capability, not a smart phone. i used my moto rizer, and my wifes razor (yes i got 2 of the plans at the same time) make sure the phones are showing on your my t-mobile page when u log in if not change them manually it has to show these older phones or no go……. k now call them up tell them u got cut off when trying to get this plan. they r not goin to know what u r talking about and they r not lying so dont get pissed at them just tell them the other operator was setting it up for u and she was inputing the code TZUNL599 for the plan that is the code for the 5.99 unlimited plan known as the old t-zones……i guess it pays to piss people off. that is the only way i got the code she was so frustrated and pissed at me she just starting talking out loud…good luck guys..

      • helen

        woohoo! I was just able to get the tzone for 5.99

  • gman

    awwesome thanks it works

  • still working for me; 12/23/08.

    MN, iPhone 2G w/2.2 software, jailbroken/unlocked

    all data working still!

  • Jeff

    thanks for the post! got me up and running on the net after updating to 2.2
    2G with T-zones, san francisco bay area 12/26

  • dave.

    2G, 2.2, Pwned, Colorado, 30Dec08. I couldn’t get them to give me the TZUNL599 deal, so I signed up for the $9.99 web2go deal. They wouldn’t have given me this unless I was going to use it on my RIZR- otherwise I would have had to get the 25 or 35$ option. Make sure to be calling from a “regular” phone, not a smarty. But now using the internet3.voicestream.com APN with good luck… Noticeably faster than the wap.voicestream.com.

  • dave.

    Follow up…

    Running a fresh 2.2 Pwned version WITHOUT the T-Zones hack. Had to switch to internet2.voicestream.com to get it to work, but it seems to be working now.

    YMMV, but good luck.

  • patrick

    it works thanks!!!!

  • CJM

    I settled for the $9.95 / 100 megs a month plan.
    “Internet3.voicestream.com” didn’t work for me and changing “data roaming” to on had no effect.
    “Internet2.voicestream.com” works though painfully slow. . . like a modem.

    • NNM

      yea, the internet2.voicestream.com is the only one that works… slow

  • Tim

    I used the epc.tmobile.com and it worked instantly. The next day I didn’t have data again. I took the epc.tmobile.com off and it started working again. That lasted 3 days until I upgraded Cydia and now I don’t even have an option in the network settings for cellular data network. So now I am without data…

    • branon

      You need to uninstall the Cydia tzones hack to get apn options back again.

  • ashley

    it works!!! my configuration: iPhone 2.2 jailbroken, location: NJ USA, date: 01/01/09

    • James

      Ashley I just got an unlocked iphone and I live in NJ..Are there any special steps you had to take? Please email me at JSweet14@aol.com with any advice..and do you have any minutes?

  • Jay

    It definitely worked for me! Internet, email, youtube, weather all everything! I’m using firmware 2.2 on unlocked 2g iphone as of 1/7/09…but just a quick note tzones for 5.99 “no longer exists” unless you are grandfathered in this is what they will tell you when you request it now. They will instead offer the new tmobile web2go plan which is 9.99 and i believe it includes 200 txt. but that is now the lowest internet plan offered. So if you have tzones for 5.99 still hold on tight cuz its near impossible to get it for that price now.

    • pmj

      wat apn did u use

    • April

      I have flexpay 600MyFaves plan and I called to add T-Zones today from my iphone (fireware 2.2 unlocked 3G) without any problems. It worked for me, so tzones does exist. I just switched to tmobile the beginning of the this month.

  • Kristal

    It’s still not working for me and I’ve tried all of them. It was working previously but when I moved it stopped working, any suggestions?

  • BG

    Dumb question, after the hack is perfomed does t-mobile charge for the data usage?

    • Erik

      I switched from a sidekick and had the 19.99 plan, I called tmobile and said I now have a motorolla razor. I asked for the best plan and got unlimited text and 100mb of Internet. I forgot what it’s called. Funny thing is I’ve gone over the 100mb limit and haven’t been charged an extra penny. My phone said it has recieved 1.5 gb of data in the last two months I had the phone! Maybe they can’t measure it because the phone is hacked?

  • kristen

    thank you it works great

  • Unknown

    The epc.tmobile.com
    was successful.

    • alison

      i just got a 2g 2.2 hacked iphone…no 5.99 plan exists anymore. i got the 9.99 tmobile hotspots plan because 200 texts is NOT enough…it works fine i just have to adjust my internet all the time depending on what wifi is available, but its all gravy!!

      birmingham, al

  • Jake

    success with epc.tmobile.com…silicon valley, california

  • Thanks! Works perfectly, I’m in East Texas.

  • steve

    (02/06/2009) good job my friend.
    i just up date and stuck.
    now working
    Thank you.

  • Ann

    I just have a question…If I have an unlocked iphone and I am going to use it with t-mobile, what happens if I dont have any internet plan? Can I still surf the net when Wi-Fi networks are available??

  • roger

    sure you can surf the net when wifi are available

  • J.Fort

    I just uninstalled Big Boss’ Tzones hack and changed my APN to epc.tmobile.com and my net is back working. Still using the original tzones for $5.99. What my friend did was he called t mobile and told them he had a razor and asked for tzones and they put it on him

  • Charlie

    Worked perfect, make sure you fully turn off the phone to reboot. Im in Los Angeles, Feb. 10th 2009.

  • Stacy

    I just upgraded to 2.2.1 and can’t find the downloadable t-zones hack in cydia… did they remove it?

    Also in my network settings, there is no APN, just VPN… does it work if i type it in there?

  • Stacy

    Ok, it actually worked for the VPN:
    Settings, General, Network, Turn VPN on

    Description: Tmobile
    Server: epc.tmobile.com
    Account: t-zones

    the top and bottom values I just filled in arbitrarily because they are required fields but it seems to work!
    Seattle, WA 2/12/09

    • Kevin

      I do this on my 2g iPhone and all I get is “No Network connection available”. What do i do now? (and im on 2.2.1.)

  • James

    Hey, I have the T-Zones 5.99 plan and i put in the settings for the VPN as:

    Description: Tmobile
    Server: epc.tmobile.com
    Account: t-zones

    however i am having problems still connecting to the internet. i can get my email however non of my other internet functions will work…any insight/ideas/suggestions????

  • Stacy

    Ok I got it to work for real this time.. The VPN thing only lets email work.

    So to get APN you have to go to unlockit.co.vz but access it through your phone, and that allows you to create the APN so type epc.tmobile.com in the first line and leave the others blank and download it, then reboot the phone and it should show up in the settings.

    If this doesn’t work by itself then also download APN Editing from Cydia.

    • James

      Stacy you are the best!!!! thank you very much!!! this worked and now i wont go crazy not having the internet!!!

      • juan

        how did you make it work? i have 2g 2.2.1 and i have 9.99 plan…. cant make it work, please help. email: jj.tb@hotmail.com thank you

    • veronica

      where do you put the unlockit.co.vz at. I’m confused.. I already the vpn and I still can’t get internet like you… then I tried this and ???? please help me.. everyone on here says your way is the best…

    • djelav8

      ive done everything and it still has a passwprd popup every time? help!!!

  • Anonymous

    i have a new 3G phone 2.2 that is unlocked and jailbroke that i use on the T-Mobile network. I am currently using the $35 unlimited data and text plan. Are you saying there is a less data plan to can purchase to use on my iphone? its currently works on the 3g networks unsing the epc.tomobile settings and it works great but if i dont need the highest data package i will cancel it. When i called they said there is only at 25$ package but there is less texting. Are they lying is there a basic data package i can use that picks up Edge network?

  • Deon

    Nice…Worked in Atlanta Georgia…Thanks…

  • Alex

    Edge on my iphone stop working today (2-19-09). I have epc.tmobile.com in the APN box. Please let me know if there’s a different one out there.

    • moe

      try the stacy way u dont have download any hack from cydia i m on the 2.2.1 and it worked for me

  • moe

    i tried STACY’S way look up andn it worked for me i didnt have to downlowd any hack from cydia thks stacy

  • veronica

    ok, I have a 2g iphone unlocked with tmobile.. I can use the phone service but cannot get internet… it doesn’t ask me for an apn, it’s looking for a vpn… what do I do? What was done wrong?

  • Jason

    If I have the Internet Data Plan and both work under network APN, which one would be faster for me or are both the same? internet2.voicestream.com or epc.tmobile.com ?

  • giorgio

    It worked with me. I didnt have the “cellular data network” but after I installed the Automatic SSH from Cydia it worked.
    It is very slow though, is it normal?
    I have 2.2.1 with T-Zones.
    Thank you

    • Justin

      201kb/sec download here in NJ, USA. Not too bad..

    • juan

      how did you make it work? i have 2g 2.2.1 and i have 9.99 plan…. cant make it work, please help. email: jj.tb@hotmail.com thank you

  • Jan

    email me if you want to know how to get your APN back! I have done it and everything works! YOUTUBE, MAPS, MAIL, SAFARI, WEATHER! Everything that needs internet is working! Version 2.2 though.. Will not work with 2.2.1 because they take out the APN Settings.

    • Jan

      kiel.abacan@gmail.com is the email.

    • ali

      i am been trying but it says i need to upgrade my tzone plan but i already have the 9.99 need help email sohelwireless@yahoo.com

    • billy

      please do i have iphone 2g unlocked
      and i plan on getting a flexpay with t zones
      or pay as you go if they will let you have it with that
      and the add t zones
      please help if you can
      don;t want to sign up if it won’t work
      have been using flex pay catds unlimited buy on ebay every monyh for 30 dollars
      but are not lasting a month anymore so its time to get something more reliable
      thanks again billy

  • Justin

    iPhone 3g/2.2.1/2.30 Modem with Turbo Sim/NJ used internet2

  • Rob

    Has anyone seen a bill yet after using the iPhone with the 100 MB $9.99 T-Mobile plan? I couldn’t find the overage charge per MB on T-Mobile’s website.

  • Mauri

    It worked thanks
    Miami, FL
    Tzones $5.99
    iPhone 2.2.1 jailbroken

    • trang

      Mauri.. Do i turn on my data roaming On?

  • juice

    wow!!!!! thank you so much

  • 4/22/09 Update:

    Grandfathered into T-Zones, $5.99/mo and still working!
    also, tethering works too πŸ˜›

    Minneapolis, MN. iPhone 2G v2.2 Jailbroken

  • levar

    i had it working for my phone for two months now t mobile disabled it i guess they caught on how do i get it working again

  • Michelle

    I have a 2.2 iphone 2g with the 9.99 plan why isent it working?

  • gdawg

    Just got off the phone with tmobile. If you still can’t get it to work, reset your network settings (under general). After doing that, put in the APN. Tmobile can tell you which one to use (internet3 or internet2). It must correspond with your current connection. My 3G 2.2 is up running no problem now.

  • TC

    Alsome. Up and running on the tzones plan. 2.2.1

    • juan

      how did you make it work? i have 2g 2.2.1 and i have 9.99 plan…. cant make it work, please help. email: jj.tb@hotmail.com thank you

  • h4x0r

    works .. .san diego CA using the exact details. slow..but works…

  • KASH


  • KASH


  • ronni

    first time i did epc.tmobile.com it worked for one day ever since i cant get it to work again i tried all the settings mentioned i have the 19.99 internet package jailbroken unlocked iphone 3g any recommendations because this is a hassle i think as soon as my contract is up in july im just switching to AT&T fucking tired of this im sure im not the only one.

  • che

    what does it do if i turn on the 3g as well

  • 6/26/09 NEW UPDATES

    Still working on OS 3.0 updates.

    the $6.99 tzones plan is still available; just be sure to tell the CSR that you have a Sony Ericsson or another ‘dumbphone’ that you want unlimited data on.

    for the APN use:

    internet2.voicestream.com or internet3.voicestream.com

    epc.tmobile.com and wap.voicestream.com did not work and redirects you to an Upsell page that tmobile tries to sell you the full web2go package πŸ™‚

    verified on an iPhone 2G 8GB w/OS 3.0 jailbroken/unlocked.

    For those who were already grandfathered into tzones; epc.tmobile.com still works fine for me on my 3G 8GB unlocked/jailbroken iPhone w/OS 3.0

    Location: Minneapolis, MN

    • ed

      I just called TMOBILE. I spoke with a CSR for 10 minutes. You will have to do this. Tell them you are using an older phone and want the TZONES. They will tell you they cant. After spending time speaking with them, asked to be transferred to the closed account department. They will add this feature with no resistance.

      • Peachy


        you have to reset network settings in
        Settings=>General=>Reset=>Reset Network Settings

        it’ll reboot and turn on airplane mode right away.

        and then I set the APN to β€œepc.tmobile.com”
        then turn airplane mode off and BADA – BOOM!

    • steve

      i hate to be a newbie but…if i may be dumb for a moment and ask…i just got 3g 8gb 3.0. it is on tmobile but i don’t know if it is jailbroken or just unlocked. in order to get as much data (without wifi or tmobile hotspots being near you) what way do u recommend? i’m wanting maps and email and web to work wherever i get a cell signal, thnx
      btw i see a cydia icon on desktop and cycorder next to it, are they related?

      • It sounds like your jailbroken and unlocked. If you can use your
        tmobile sim card in the iPhone, it’s unlocked.
        Then you would basically need to call tmobile and ask for the tzones
        unlimited data plan. Tell them you have a razr or non smartphone.

        Then go into settings – network – apn and follow the above πŸ™‚

        Main thing is to get tzone, you may need to use the internet2.voicestream.com
        as apn

        • steve

          thnx for reply. does tzones unlimited just work when near a tmobile wifi like at starbucks or it works when u have a phone signal wherever u are?

          and i have itunes 7 and it doesn’t see iphone. suggestions?

          • nope, tzone is cellular data vs wireless internet data. cell data is anywhere you get data/cell service. πŸ™‚

            as for itunes; try a few other usb ports to plugin to. could be a bad cable

          • steve

            tried sveral ports and cables, no luck. with a jailbroken and unlocked new iphone 3g with 3.0 on it, what is the oldest itunes u can use, i have 7.1 and not showing the iphone. i read u need 7.7 or higher for 3g, is that accurate as stated here- http://digg.com/apple/Apple_Releases_iTunes_7_7_Req_for_iPhone_3G_App_Store

        • Aveeno

          Sorry about my ignorance. Is there any difference between t-zone and T-Mobile Total Internet Plan?

          T-Mobile Total Internet Plan

          • yes, there is a difference; its about $15 more and can be a little faster.

            you can only get tzones by basically ‘hacking’ the customer service rep. tell them you have a nonsmartphone; like a razr or rokr and you want to get internet on it but don’t want to pay the full $20for the total internet πŸ™‚

  • Giorgio

    I don’t have cellular data and APN on mine. 2G with 3.0

    • i missed type the prev comment: should be Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network

      however you have to be unlocked via the redsnow/ultrasnow hack to get these options

      • Anonymous

        so is the t-zone plan 5.99 or 6.99? so i know what to ask for and should i try to use the code (TZUNL599) or try to use the closed account department .
        i don’t have an account with tmobile . So i’m hoping to get on the tzone plan @5.99 or 6.99 just data.
        greets seamonky420 ( i used a few tutorial you’ve written thanks)

        • my co-worker just got it for $6.99 however she was a tmobile user.

          i think i would try the code and tell them you are looking to switch from AT&T and have an unlocked Razr you just want unlimited browsing on and was told to get the tzones since your phone doesn’t have a full browser πŸ™‚

          good luck buddy! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    works perfect on 2g 3.0 jailbroken and unlocked

  • rob

    I have a 1G iphone 8GB 2.2.1. Tried the epc.tmobile.com and it worked great. I’ve been grandfathered in with the 5.99 t-mobile. Actually I think mine might be 3.99 as I’ve had it for about 8 years. It is super slow though, like dial-up slow, is this normal? Either way working great so far!

  • Anonymous

    OMG it worked. I have an I-phone 2g, Jailbroken and unlocked using T-mobile in Atlanta. I was on the phone with customer service and after 30 minutes told the guy that I had to go… hung up. Searched the web, found this post and I’m up and running in a snap! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for the tips. It worked for me. I had tried with the epc.tmobile.com
    didn’t work, tried the internet3.voicestream.com, didn’t work. Finally I tried the internet2.voicestream.com and everything went fine after that one.

  • Anonymous

    hey seamonkey, I started a contract for t-mobile about 3 months ago and i had a nokia 5610 with the contract and no internet plan, now that i bought an iphone recently, im thinking about doing the cheap t zones internet plan, my main question is if i call t mobile and tell them i still have my nokia 5610 and want the t zones unlimited browsing plan, will it work if i use the iphone with the plan? and how much will it cost? thank you very much.

  • Random

    How can i subscribe to T-zones ?

  • Anonymous

    is the $5.99 or $6.99 tZone plan dead??

    I think so. the 30 reps i called wont help me do it.

    • Anonymous

      it’s still available and i heard tmobile wont get rid of it, they just don’t want customer to know that the plan still exist. you just have to be patience. stay on the phone as long as possible (they can’t hang up on you), giving different stories, demand to speak to a manager. Be AGGRESSIVE. make sure you use a compatible tzone phone when you call in with your sim card (because they only offer tzone to customers who have old phone models that are compatible using tzone, or you can just tell them a random old phone model that compatible with tzone ). i just got mine up and running on my 3G iphone 4 days ago.

      • Anonymous

        well….is it $5.99 or $6.99?

        they keep telling me to sign up for the $9.99 and acted like butts to me.

        • Anonymous

          it’s 5.99 to be exact. Do not get the 9.99 which is web-to-go. you have to be very mean ( i know, i feel bad for the Customer Rep. ) but don’t blame the rep. because some of them don’t even know that the 5.99 tzone still exist. ask for a manager. My friend at work just got his for 5.99 as well.

          • Anonymous

            hey guys after having interest in getting data plan for my iphone 2G FW 2.2.1 i just recently added the unlimited web2go feature for $9.99( the t-mobile rep said theres a promotion and i can try it free for a month too) after receiving confirmation that it has been activated i go ahead and input internet2.voicestream.com in the APN setting but to no avail.
            i even tried internet3.voicestream.com , epc.tombile.com , wap.voicestream.com . none which seems to work at all. every time i load safari i get error msg stating that i have no internet connections.

            any solutions to this problem will be greatly appreciated!!

          • Anonymous

            it only took me two attempts to get the 5.99 plan on. the first lady said that it was not available anymore and i decided to try again instead of getting angry the first time. the second lady, of course, said the ame thing. but i had an ace up my sleeve, which is that my contract expires in a month. so i told her, that if i couldn’t get the tzones plan back on i would have to go to at&t. that worked. however she was very persistent, i dind’t have to argue or anything but it took me a while to convince her that it WAS available and that my friends had it…
            so like the above poster says, be persistent and mean in a nice way.
            thanks to this page i have this awesomely cheap plan and i works like wonders. many thanks

          • James

            i was nice about it and they signed me up… but im still trying to get it working on my iphone 3g with 3.1.2fw

  • Anonymous

    hey guys after having interest in getting data plan for my iphone 2G FW 2.2.1 i just recently added the unlimited web2go feature for $9.99( the t-mobile rep said theres a promotion and i can try it free for a month too) after receiving confirmation that it has been activated i go ahead and input internet2.voicestream.com in the APN setting but to no avail.
    i even tried internet3.voicestream.com , epc.tombile.com , wap.voicestream.com . none which seems to work at all. every time i load safari i get error msg stating that i have no internet connections.

    any solutions to this problem will be greatly appreciated!!

    • Name

      try turning on the data roaming on

    • tmobile

      Dont know if you still need this but try going to Settings -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Then go back and enter any of the 3 codes again. This worked for me. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Hey I was wondering if i could use a 2g iphone (jailbroken and unlocked) that i got from my friend when he upgraded to the 3gs on the following plan setup, Individual 300 with FlexPay (29.99) and Unlimited Web + Unlimited Messages for phones with FlexPay (19.99) for a total of about 49.99 a month? Would the texting and internet work?

  • TMobile

    Hi guys,

    FYI. T-Mobile still has the 5.99 plan as of 10/4/2009. I just did it in the morning. Chat did not work, but calling them on Sunday at 7:00 to the rentention department did.

    Now just waiting to see if the service works on my 2g iphone.

    • Luke

      NICE! please post an update to let us know if the service works on your iphone

    • Tom B.

      I was able to add tzones for 5.99 just today as of 10/6/09. Make sure you go through the retention/loyalty department. I was able to get it because my plan was already up and I upgraded my plan. And it does work with the iphone 2g because that’s what i was using. wap.voicestream.com and epc.tmobile.com both work.

      • TMobile

        Yep..phone works amazingly enough!

        Slower than 3g…but I”m okay with that!

  • Anonymous

    Hi! Do all the apps work with this hack (i.e. weather, shazam, etc)? I am interested in getting an Iphone (possibly a 3g) and I am grandfathered in the 5.99 tzones plan. I am currently using it with an unlocked Nokia E71.

    • Shawn

      I have a 2g 3.01 and is unlocked and jailbroke and i have had tzones on my account for a couple years but i am unable to get internet on it using any of the addresses(epc.tmobile.com, internet2.voicestream.com, internet3.voicestream.com) any ideas on what to do next?


  • James

    It didn’t work for me… Why??? i did everything.

    • James

      i have iphone 3g with 3.1.2 fw.. thanks in advance if anyone knows the solution…

      • did you try the epc.tmobile.com apn? are you on the tzones web data plan?

        if that doesn’t work, you may need to use either wap.voicestream.com or the internet2.voicestream.com apns.

        hope that helps

        verified still working:

        iPhone 3G firmware 3.1.2 (jailbroken)
        Minneapolis, MN

        • Anonymous

          I’m a ignorant iphone 3G newbie that was jerked by tmobile. They fooled me into dropping my 5.99 tzone and getting the stupid 24.99 data plan at first. I then realized that I could have stuck with the tzone. I then called them up and asked them to put me back with tzones that same day but they refused. Cellphone companies are money hungry selfish JERKS but at least internet2.voicestream.com worked for me using the $9.99 web2go. Queen, NY, 12/8/09.

  • Anonymous

    it work for my iphone too,, does this work for blackberry too

  • Anonymous

    As of today Dec. 11, 09 I have the prepaid plan and this does NOT work.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my goodness….this worked! Thanks a million times over!

  • Anonymous

    I have an unlocked 3g and after a mistake where tzones was taken off I now i have the 5.99 plan again but the internet does not work.
    It worked perfect before they took it off “by accident”
    none of the apns work and im stuck…any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    January 5, 2010

    I just got off the phone with Tmobile CR. It was a pita, I contacted them twice over chat and one on the phone

    I decided to call and talk in spanish, because they may be more flexible.

    Well, it was tough, but after asking for a representative to cancel my service they agreed to add the 5.99 feature instead of the 9.99.

    I told them that it was not fair that I had been a customer for over 5 years and there are joe does that have this option grandfather in. You need to make them say that there are guys and gals with this feature out there and work from there.

    Anyway, getting this is an art, you have to be persuasive but pollite. Remember you are calling someone at their JOBS, they do this for a living, so be nice.

    Good luck!!

  • Sam the Man!

    someone else told me about this as well but I’m gonna try it soon and let ya know!

  • Verified still working w/an iPhone 3G and T-Mobile USA!

    APN: epc.tmobile.com

    Date verified on: 1/11/2010


  • Anonymous

    this did not help me, after my 2g 2.2 iphone stopped working on EDGE recently. Anyone would help me out?

    • try resetting your network settings and reboot and re-enter your apn


  • Anonymous

    This works just fine as I have tested many sites for reliablity. This one is good.

  • Anonymous

    I have a 3gS 16gb iphone. Live in Texas. I use the internet2.voicestream.com on the APN. Reboot it. Works. Must call t mobile on a cheap phone. Tell them u want t zone for 9.99.

    • Anonymous

      can you use and data plan for the Iphone to use the internet, and can you download apps and stuff ?
      How to choose what APN to use?

      • Anonymous

        First APN is for internet. If u have T zone $9.99 r $4.99, type internet2.voicestream.com
        If you have data plan like 19.99, type epc.tmobile.com

        To download apps, u must jailbreak it first.

        • Anonymous

          Hey, so i;m getting the unlimited plan with Txt/minutes/Data
          Do I just use the epc.tmobile.com for APN?, and for downloading apps from Itunes store, the iphone is already unlocked/Jailbreaken, so can I still download apps from app Store and use Installous for the free ones?

          • Anonymous

            Yea, use epc.tmobile.com for the first APN

            No need to do anything else to download or use installous. For downloading, use WIFI instead of ur data service cause it’s too slow.

  • Anonymous

    Under my network settingsi only have Enable 3G, Data Roaming, and VPN showing, how do I get the Cellular Data Network or the APN to show to type everything in? I have a 3G Jailbroke iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      U must insert ur sim card for Cellular Data Network to come up.

  • Anonymous

    hey i have a jailbroken iphone and t mobile as a carrier. in the apn i tpyed in internet3.voicestream.com and i get the internet to work, but it only goes 100kbs. i havn’t seen any charge on my phone bill yet, should i worry about this because since i dont have a a data plan will they charge me later on??? and can i just keep using it while its free??? pelaes reply

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinks about getting an iphone 3gs with tmobile, its unlocked and JailBroken. what plan should I get if I want unlimited text/data that lke 1500 minutes?
    And if I want to use the internet i change my APN, and that it?

    PLZ let me know exactly what I need to do ,

  • Anonymous

    i just got a 3GS iphone, when i go to setting there is no general. Can someone please help!

    • Anonymous

      U might have got a knock off 3gs iphone. Sorry to tell u that.

  • M

    Worked perfectly!

    • Anonymous

      Did ur model starts wit MB? Wat firmware n modem firmware did u use?

  • Val

    I should have read this before I signed up for the $30/month data plan, but the rest of the instructions got me up and running! Thanks so much!

  • tim

    What about for the htc shift..Anyone know a good way.
    I am on flexpay with the limited tzones and they wont let me upgrade.
    Not sure where to setup the APC.

  • Still working as of 3/13/2010:


    Blackberry Bold
    iPhone 3G Unlocked/Jailbroken
    Google Nexus One
    all using epc.tmobile.com apn

    Minneapolis, MN

    • Anonymous

      hey i have a jailbroken iphone and t mobile as a carrier. in the apn i tpyed in internet3.voicestream.com and i get the internet to work, but it only goes 100kbs. i havn’t seen any charge on my phone bill yet, should i worry about this because since i dont have a a data plan and will they charge me later on??? and can i just keep using it while its free??? pelaes reply

      • Anonymous


  • Wink

    Had success. iPhone 2G running 3.1.3, jailbroken, location – FL USA, Date – 4-23-10

    • Anonymous

      am on a unlock 3G 8GB runing 3.0 on a 04.26.08 baseband and its not letting me browse the internet. i have tzones. not sure what can be the issue. while using wap.voicestream.com it redirects me to a tmobile page saying that i need to upgrade my data plan.

      any help woill be good.thanks

    • flaka

      by any chance, are u able to receive and send mms (picture mesages)> i yes hw u did it? i will apprecciate this info…..i have the same iphone as u same firmware.. thx in advance…

      • Max

        I have the solucion foe youtube dosend work after to jalbroken. With black4qn to mail me gays I help you my inglis is beb bout am bery smart I will vi happy to help you mail me with mms and pinture icono like 3gs is very easy mail me and I help you with mms

    • Anonymous

      I too had Success! with iPhone 2G 3.1.3 – tzones 5.99 – internet2.voicestream.com

      • Jo

        I just go 2G 3.12 unlocked and have a full data plan for myTouch 3G and it works with internet2.voicestream.com, will try the tZones soon.

  • Karyliad

    Hello… I just bought an iPhone 3G 8GB that is unlocked and jailbroken with iOS4.0‏..but when I go to Settings>General>Network… the word APN doesn’t appear. What I get is VPN (L2TP and PPTP)
    I have an unlimited Internet Blackberry plan with T-mobile.


    • Booboo

      Wooooooooooo this works.. Iphone 3g iOS4. got the 9.99 internet. used internet2.voicestream.com

      didnt have to reboot.

      Enjoy fellas..keep the love flowing!

    • Sirhaxalot2000

      you go to general.. network..cellular data network and theres you apn for celluar data

  • Sirhaxalot2000

    so i got the 3gs. 3.1.3. do i just get the $10 data and then enter one of those links provided onto apn or vpn? of course my 3gs is unlocked and jailbroken

    • Sirhaxalot2000

      so after trying to get the tzones plan and failed i finally gave in to getting the $9.99 plan. i had to put internet2.voicestream.com for mine to work but its kinda slow ill try 3 later.

      • the reason its slow is because the iPhone’s 3G radio is AT&Ts flavor and not Tmobiles. If you have get a phone that supports Tmobiles 3G bands, you should get about 1-2mbs πŸ™‚

        i hate to say it, i think they finally stopped offering the T-Zones plan all together, however the $9.99 plan is still a steal vs any other carrier.

        • Tracirae03

          I’ve tried every APN I’ve been given. wap.voicestream.com works for my mms settings and I’ve just plugged in epc.tmobile.com for the cellular data. Tmobile keeps giving me an error message that my internet package is not compatiable with my device. I have the web2go plan not tzones. please help. πŸ™‚ thank you!

          • Pat

            They blocked it. They knew this from the start. T-Mobile was lenient and nice for these 3 years, know they had enough. :

  • Joseph Galban

    does this give you unlimited data usage?

  • J Daghmash

    I have an Iphone 4 V4.3.3 with Gevey unlock. I am using it with t-mobile. I have had a t-zone plan for about 6 yrs.
    Now I can not access the web on my iphone 4. I tried all the apn entries. The web was working fine with my old Iphone 2g with t-zones.

    Any suggestions?


  • iphone 3gs cheapest plan

    Useful information. Fortunate me I discovered your site unintentionally, and I am shocked why this coincidence didn’t took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • Tony

    Hi All, im currently on the monthly 4g $50 unlimited talk,text,web and was getting internet on my unlocked/jailbroken iphone 3g for the first month, but know the last 2 days it hasnet been working. I tried all the APN addresses and still no luck. Anyone have a similar plan or senario as me that got it to work??