Word: Counting Characters, Lines, Pages, and Words Within a Document

   Posted January 25, 2004 by David Kirk in Microsoft Word

Often one must know how many lines or words are within a document. Here’s the easy way to find out.

If you need to know how many characters, lines, pages, or words your document contains, you are only a few clicks away.

1. Click the Tools Menu.
2. Click Word Count.

If you need to continue to check word counts frequently, you can select show toolbar from the displayed Word Count menu to make this even easier. This floating toolbar will recount your words whenever you click on the recount button.


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  • Anonymous

    how do you know how many characters are in document in word 2007

    • Joe

      In MS Word 2007 you must navigate to the “Review” Menu at the top of your window; then proceed to the “Proofing” Menu and click the Word Count icon (hover your mouse over each if you aren’t sure which one it is). Once clicking it a small window will open specifying numbers of: Pages, Words, Characters (with and without spacing), Paragraphs, and Lines.