Word 2007: Shrink Your Document by One Page

It always bothers me when I am preparing a Word document and the last page contains only a couple of sentences, it seems like such a waste of the page. Word can attempt to shrink the document by one page by slightly reducing the size and spacing of the text in the document.

1. With the Word document opened, click the Office Orb in the upper-left corner of the window.

2. Mouseover Print and select Print Preview.

3. Using the Ribbon, go to the Preview section.

4. Select Shrink One Page.

Word will attempt to shrink the document. It will either complete or pop-up a failure message that lets you know that Word was unsuccessful. Once completed, close the Print Preview window and save the document.


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  • Oh, man, that bugs, me, too. All apps should do that. Actually, all printer drivers should do that or have that option. The worst for me is when I print something and get an otherwise blank sheet at the end with header/footer (that I didn’t really want to begin with). Nice find in the forest of options that is Word.

  • Anonymous

    Or you can just make your font size x-and-a-half: e.g. 11.5 instead of 12 (just type the value into the Font Size box).

    To prevent those blank pages being printed out, just do a Print Preview and look for the blanks. If it’s just a single page letter, go right down to the bottom of the page, to the end of the last paragraph, and press Delete to remove any extra empty lines which might spill over to a blank page.

  • Tonocm

    you may change margins to .8
    t isn’t too small so its gr8 =)