uTorrent: Dramatically Increase Download Speeds

   Posted October 22, 2012 by Alex Bahdanovich in Internet

Using these simple adjustments should greatly improve uTorrent download performance.

Are you tired of uTorrent’s sluggish download speed that does not take full advantage of your high speed internet? This is a very frequent complaint among uTorrent users that can be fixed by tweaking uTorrent’s settings.

For this tutorial we are going to assume that you have uTorrent running and a torrent is being downloaded.

As you can see, our current speed is only at 146kB/s. Considering my broadband capabilities, I am not using my entire download potential.

1. Bring up the Preferences window by either pressing Ctrl+P or clicking Options -> Preferences.

As you can see both maximum upload and download speeds are set at 0. uTorrent even tells you that 0 means that your download will be executed at its maximum potential. In many circumstances, however, this is not the case.

2. Now we have to change the download speed to something much higher than the expected allotted bandwidth. We will use 3000kB/s. You will likely set the upload speed to as little as possible; however, do not set lower than 7kB/s. We’ll use 8kB/s.

Note: If you set the upload limit to below 7kB/s, uTorrent will cut off your download speed exponentially. 

3. Press Apply then OK.  

Congratulations you’re done. If this works for you, you should soon notice an increase in your download speeds.

Through these steps, I have increased my download speed almost by a factor of five. Obviously, your mileage and success will vary on your broadband potential. In many cases, however, this tweak will dramatically improve your torrent download speeds.


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  • shawn

    Nice tip, thanks. I had my upload set to 5kB/s before reading this. Although my speeds weren’t ever that bad, it’s definitely worth trying. You might also want to note that creating a listening port for incoming connections can really help speed things up, too.


  • mike

    I’m disappointed that you’d advocate limiting your upload speed to something so slow. p2p, like uTorrent, relies on people sharing.

    I bet you get annoyed when a torrent’s downloading very slowly. That’s because people like you feel that you should take without giving anything back.

    As most connections are asymmetric i.e. a higher download speed than upload speed, for the majority of users, giving something back to the community from which they’re taking won’t make much (if any) difference to their download speed.

    BAD netiquette!

    • Alex Bahdanovich

      I only recommended limiting upload speed for the duration of the download. After you get the download you can change your upload speed to something high and seed the torrent

  • hrishi

    Helped me big time
    gives me 4X more speed !!
    Thanks a lot

  • TOFA

    thanks for your effort.

  • roshan

    my download speed is 300 kb ps at max but for download wow cata it is onlt 5kbps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what shud i do?

    • IOwnAPC

      Depends on the amount of seeders for the torrent. Try getting a torrent with the most seeders, or download 3.3.5a and manually patch your way up to 4.x.x>

      • Smith

        Which torrent web have most seeder can u tell me

  • mohit

    thnk…bro…well can u tell how to get full seeds..???

  • Vivek Raj

    Thnkx frnd 🙂 it will work 🙂 thnku so much 🙂

  • Amit Singh Rawat

    Nothing happend it remains around 10kbps

  • Arsh

    it’s working

  • Nikita

    This works great 😀 thanks

  • 141

    can these tweaks work in bitcomet?

  • unknown

    thanks man I’ve tried out so many web pages but nothing worked. this was awesome my speed increased from 0kbs to 249.9kbs I have 1 mbs ptcl internet connection thanx a lot. I wanted to ask that how can I save these changes permanently they change every time I open uTorrent so can u guide me

  • Jack

    Notice the first image showing around 100KBps ; take note that it’s only @ .3% completion. At this point, he hasn’t even given the tracker a chance to update and connect to the maximum possible amount of peers.

    After you get the download going for a bit, other peers will open up for you. The method he is using to increase P2P speeds is just to get more traffic for this site and in the hopes he will be increasing his SEO rating as a publisher and for this website by sucking traffic off of this subject. If you want faster speeds, get a better internet package or flash your modem with custom firmware that allows you to set your own config file (the file that your ISP sends to you during provisioning and checks with the CMTS which sets your docsis settings like bandwidth, QoS, etc.) and configure your TCP and RWIN values properly. Increasing the maximum peers you can connect to within this method of increasing your speed, won’t work for you if you can’t even take on anything over 150KBps w/o any patches/fixes/tweaks. As you will just be “flooding” yourself at that point because your network already can’t handle the traffic. It’d almost be as if you’re DDoSing yourself but not to that extreme, but pretty close if you got speed of </u500KBps.

    NOTE: Your ISP more than likely throttles your P2P traffic anyways, and these days that is impossible to bypass, unless you have custom firmware on your modem and you can send out commands to the CMTS, etc.

    Your advocate of TRUTH, Jack.

    • Jack

      P.S. I’m on 25/25 Fios and a 10k seeder torrent maxes @ 3-5MBps. As for my upload speed, that’s in 1-2MBps range and that’s because my provider cuts every connection off that isn’t forced encryption.

  • Zweli Golowa

    This Actually works, prior to increasing upload limit my download speeds were fluctuating. Now they’re faster and more consistent