Google Chrome: Make the Bookmarks Bar Display as Icons Only

By reducing your bookmarks to show only the icons, you can access more of them from the Bookmarks bar. This works great for sites with recognizable favicons like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Right-click a bookmark on the Bookmarks bar.

3. Select Edit.

4. Go to the Name textbox and remove the text.

5. Click OK.

Repeat for all existing bookmarks that you want to display as icons only. When adding a new bookmark to the bar, simply remove the Name text before clicking Close.


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The Conversation

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  • Any way to get rid of the icons?

  • Drew

    Sweet tip! Thanks!

  • krtk

    I wish one could assign a favicon just like in FF? (example: Bookmark on Delicious — how can I assign an icon to that script link?)

  • mhd

    hi,i already disable bookmark , and need to enable again as icon

  • Carl

    Only problem with removing they cannot be exported. The export option in chrome bookmark manager will show nothing under Bookmark Bar. Other than that it’s not a problem.

  • This is what I do, it’s really nice.

  • Gil

    Nice tip….it works great; however, unlike IE8 and FF3.5.5, Chrome displays the same folder icon for all sites saved to the favorites toolbar. Is there any way, in Chrome, to show an appropriate icon for each site – like IE8 and FF3.5.5 does? Otherwise, it’s just too confusing!

  • Chuck

    Where is the bookmarks bar?

  • This tip sucks! I would prefer a real answer Smart Bookmarks Bar for Firefox.

  • Ralph Kazemier


  • Robert

    Are you willing to do that for each and every one of my 137 bookmarks on my bookmark bar?!?!

  • Người Móng Cái


  • OMG, I cost so much time searching extensions of this function and finally I got here finding this cool & easy tip…Thx!!! 😀

  • Jason

    Does not work, I do not want ANYTHING to show, stop taking up browser space, I can get to where I need without 10,000 tool bars.

  • Doug

    useless when i have dozens of bookmarks there

  • Lee

    You can also just shorten what is often a really long title for the web site for each icon. I added 100% more icons by doing that and still have enough of a description for each icon. Still wish there was a way to add a second bar…

  • Vishnu

    Nice tips…works well thanks

  • Sharelyne

    I am using Google Chrome and the bookmarks in my Bookmark Manager are now listed on double lines. I don’t know how they ended up like that. How do I bring them back to single lines?

  • Sora Roxas

    Thanks so much!! I was trying so hard, new to Chrome, and all I got was manage, and my temper was running. So thanks!

  • Tony

    I’ve done this before, and I’ve memorized the icons. But now all the iconss have disappeared, now its all blank white files, even for things such as youtube and facebook. How do I fix this?

  • geo

    i forgot of this common sense fucntion thanks for the tutorial. it applies everywhere almost.

  • Rebecca

    How would you do this on a Mac? No right clicking. I used the bookmark manager to delete the text & leave the icons but it doesn’t work for all of them. Any thoughts?

  • roos

    The icons in my bookmark bar in g chrome disappeared without identifiable reason. If I try taking the name out in the ‘edit’ box as you suggest, the icons dont come back – most of my bookmarks didnt show a name to start with, so I am left with a bunch of identical blank ‘papers’ (like ‘new document icon’ in a text program. What can i do to make bookmarks recognizable again?