Google Chrome: Change the Default Search Engine

Posted September 2, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Google

You can search by typing your search query directly into the address bar or by highlighting text on a webpage, right-clicking and selecting the search command. To change which search engine Chrome will use, follow these steps.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the toolbar and select Options.

3. On the Basics tab, go down to the Default search area and use the dropdown to select the desired search engine. If the desired search engine isn’t listed, click the Manage button to add the new search engine.

4. Click the Close button.


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  • siri

    I installed chrome in my pc…default search engine is i want to change it to google english. i am trying to do it as you described in this page..but it was not accepting the changes..iam entering name google

    even then ok button is disabled..can you please suggest me what shall i enter in url.

  • nvaleo

    Havent try this before what benefits could i get from it, i need further collaboration for it. anyways thank you for giving me idea about it, i will try using it.

  • jazs

    As we all know Google is one of the most popular and widely used search engine now a days, there are lots of cool features that Google offers, thank you for posting such informative post, but as other the commentator had said isn’t it time consuming.

  • taislim

    I personally use and installed google chrome. I found it so convenient and helpful. I personally prefer Google in general thatn other search engines available so most of the time, I prefer to use google products. This article is very helpful to those who are not using google chrome since the steps are pretty simple and graphic. Nice!

  • Dan

    And if you want to modify the default seach engine (local version, diffrent language version) how can you change it?

  • Chris

    add this into the url in the “edit search engine”tab:

    (you can replace “” with or wherever you wish to search from.



    • LuckyLindy

      Thank you for the correct answer.

  • Anonymous

    This is great . Google search engine most popular , but some time we need change

  • Zoraida San Inocencio

    google and facebook

  • blaydese

    Chris, cheers to you! That is what worked! Even Google’s own site can’t fix the problem, so sad.