Google Chrome: Make Any Website a Web Application

Posted September 2, 2008 by Rob Rogers in Google

You can use Chrome to create a site specific browser that transforms sites like Gmail, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Mail, etc. into standalone web applications. Chrome will also create icons on the desktop, Start menu, and/or Quick Launch bar so you can easily access your newly created application. When opened, the application will appear in your taskbar like other programs do, and will go unaffected by actions that take place in a regular Chrome browser window.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Browse to the desired site that you wish to turn into a web application.

3. Click the Page icon in the upper-right corner and select Create application shortcuts.

4. A Google Gears dialog box will appear. Use the checkboxes to select where you want shortcuts to the application created. Choices are Desktop, Start menu, and Quick launch bar.

5. Click the OK button.

The site will now appear in a standalone browser window.


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  • contractor web design

    chrome is a headache. there’s just a lot of complications and you should be techy to fix it… 😀

    • Kooshal

      chrome is simpler compared to IE, FF and others. It’s my grandma who says so, not me….:P

  • Eddy Frometa

    Chrome is the best browser around… I say it ’cause I am using a Cr-48 Chrome OS netBook from Google. Free from the Pilot Program… Goodbye Microsoft… IE

  • hackertc

    this tut is useless for mac users 🙁

    • Dabiggdikk

      What is useless is the mac.