Google Chrome: Put the Home Button on the Toolbar

   Posted September 2, 2008 by David Kirk in Google

Google’s Chrome browser gives you the option whether or not you want a button on the toolbar to bring you back to your homepage. Here is how to add (or remove) the Home button from the browser’s toolbar.

I am frequently asked “where is my Home button?” by new Chrome users. Traditionally, all web browsers have had a Home button that when pressed takes the user back to their set homepage. However, as most users have gotten away from using homepages, the Home button is slowly being removed from browsers to simplify the toolbar. Here are the steps for getting it back.

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click the three horizontal lines icon in the upper-right corner of the toolbar and select Settings. Older versions of Chrome may have a wrench icon instead.

click the triple lines to open settings

3. Under the Appearances section and check the Show Home button checkbox.

Immediately when you check or uncheck the setting, the Home button will appear (or disappear) from the toolbar.

The methods for placing and removing the Home button have changed as google has rolled out new versions of the Chrome browser. If this tutorial does not work for you, please be sure you have updated to the latest version. If you are running the latest version, just drop us a note in the comments. We’ll be glad to update the tutorial again.


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  • Brittany


    • CG

      Well i’ve ticked the box and nothing has changed! Also my yahoo mail has changed which i really don’t like/ Wish i’d never bothered with Chrome, it’s a nightmare!

      • mac

        Totally agree, but the company is making us go to it.


        > Must agree, no one likes Google Chrome, or the latest Google Empire Building bullying tactics, my beef is the Google photobox, it took ages to disable it and to be able to stick with Picasa. I lost hundreds of photos in Google cyberspace. Despite my beef I love Google and Google usage.

    • Ryan O

      Home button works fine but disappears every time I shut down, along with other settings.. Chrome is really starting to suck……….

  • Morgan

    Thanks for this. I don’t understand why they don’t have it activated as standard but with the option to take it off if you wanted. Wierd.

    • You’re right, I have the same question to Chrome development team.

  • Max

    you can also press Alt+F3

    • Max

      no not Alt, but the “option button”+F3. on some laptops, the same way you can increase/decrease screen brightness, or put the computer to sleep. option button + one of the F# keys.

    • Fox

      Or not.

  • andrea

    Why do you have to make everything so confusing?
    It seems that something as simple as click on home page shouldn’t be a difficult thing!!
    WHY hide something so needed. Every time I want to go back, after looking at an attachment, I have to first close my email, reopen google, then sign in all over again and type in my id and password every time. I’m really getting fed up with email providers that make my life difficult.

    • Debna Matej

      What, ever tried back button? Or backspace?

      • Miguel

        You only explore one page before going back? For those of us who are comfortable exploring the web, a home button is more convenient than repeatedly hitting back.

        In my opinion, Google went too far in adhering to their minimalist ethos. A “clean” interface is sometimes a useless interface.

    • Dave

      >In any web browser, typically, if you want to go back to the previous webpage, it’s as easy as hitting the backspace button, the one with the little back arrow on it. It sometimes works when viewing a pdf on the page. Also, if you’re having problems getting back to email after viewing an email, it sounds like you really need to change your settings to open a new tab instead of opening in the same tab. Make sure to use tabs, also. Tabs can make life so much easier because instead of opening and closing windows, you open and close tabs without losing the page you were visiting (like your inbox).

  • Barry

    thanks. amazing it isnt there by default!

  • Taha

    Thanks for the help.

  • Anonymous

    I have no “OPTIONS” button when I click on the wrench.

    • sworden

      on my screen it’s “Preferences” instead of “Options”

  • Anonymous

    I’m a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but somebody keeps screwing up things. I used my “KEYWORD” daily, and also used the “HOME” button/icon constantly. . then they disappeared. Someone obviously thought this made things too easy.

  • L Brigham

    After clicking on the tool icon, I see nothing like your instructions and certainly not any way to return the “home” button. Now all I want to do is escape from this awful Google mess and return to my previous version. What a mess. Another arrogant software developer who thinks “their way or the highway”.

  • Chris

    Awesome!!! I was getting bummed out. Thanks so much!

  • Fox


  • nolan

    lol, thanks

  • greg

    I do agree, a home button should be there by default and give the user the option do disable the function. All the other browsers have the home button as the default

  • Riel41

    very clear and precise!a simple thanks from Philippines^_^

  • very useful

  • Rick

    They must have decided to remove the wrench icon. I just downloaded Chrome…no wrench icon, no home button, nothing in preferences. Maybe it’s because it’s the Mac Version. Uninstall

  • M_yasir87

    Thank you so much! You have made my life much easier πŸ˜€

  • Stan

    wow ….. thank you soooooo much!

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  • Scottemailaccount

    Thanks for the help with the toolbar

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  • George

    thanks tried to figure it out for ages

  • Alyssa692007

    thnx ; it workedd (:

  • Guglielmomacroni

    Fantastic dude

  • bella0g

    that was super easy thanks πŸ™‚

  • lokeshnadella

    very good solution with simple steps and with demo i like this

  • julie

    omg…. i looked at that box like 20 times and it didn’t click. thanks for posting this!

  • o2j20

    thanks, i just dont understand why this is not an automatic feature…as basic it is. but great browser anywayz. thanks

  • Possumcourt

    Thank you!

  • Chris

    Cool ! lol

  • Rob

    Worked perfectly! thanks for the tip.

  • I just downloaded Chrome…no wrench icon, no home button, nothing in preferences. Maybe it’s because it’s the Mac Version.

  • Excellent post. This was actually what I was looking for.

  • Alam


  • Failmat

    that was freakn awesome. so simple! thanks

  • Sarathrohini


  • perfect. Guess I could have looked but thought maybe Google had some clever reason for not showing it by default.

  • H Mayer1

    what happened to the wrench in the toolbar. You have made life miserable for users

  • Tim

    Really concise and well, GOOD. Thank-you!

  • cool guy


  • Tgkg

    awsm thnx

  • boys

    THX work great

  • Der_puma_ivan

    stinken chrome is good but i get alot of stupid advertisements

  • Radovan KaradΕΎiΔ‡

    Thanks. Fala.

  • Jaad

    or you can press Alt+Home on your keyboard..

  • Reverend

    Thanks for the info on Home Button.

  • IckyVicky

    Click the wrench and then click PREFERENCES at the bottom (some versions say options, but others say preferences) and then scroll down and the third thing will be “Toolbar” and just check the box that says “Show Home Button” πŸ™‚

  • bob

    thanks that was so simple

  • kk

    Thank you it worked!

  • KidsCan

    Thank you! For once, I actually got help from an internet question and answer forum. Once again, THANKS!

  • Tom

    So what’s the logic in placing the home button on the left? Every other browser (IE & Firefox) have it on the right. Dumb move Google.

  • sp42


  • Austin :)

    For the newer version of Google Chrome, click the wrench and click ‘Settings’ instead. πŸ™‚

  • Ahki

    I am not given an “Option” or a “Preference” button on the Wrench Icon. I am only given drop-down’s “Bookmarks” and “Tools”, but neither of them show “HOME” info. there.

    Are there different versions of Chrome that add or don’t had the home button? I thought Chrome was going to be way clever, but with this simple issue made way complicated, that I had to go search for help on how to find “HOME” and still not able to do it, leads me to believe Chrome does not know what they are doing. Did they think people just decided not to use “HOME” anymore? I wonder what were their reasoning?

    • David Kirk

      @Ahkl: Sorry for the confusion. We try to keep up with Chrome’s updates. You can now find it under Settings. The tutorial has been updated to the latest version of Chrome so you should be able to follow the steps in the article now. We really do appreciate when users point out issues with our articles. We try to update them as soon as we can. Good luck.

  • Tony

    This was so simple that I feel like an idiot now for not knowing. Thanks for the walkthrough!

    • David Kirk

      Glad we could help.

  • Marcuz

    Spent about 15 minutes just trying to find something so simple without any success and finally decided to google it and thank GOD I came accross your page. Very helpful..! Thank you very much for the instructions!

  • Francois

    Thanks, I’ve just passed to Chrome, and this missing button was really anoying !

  • David Emme

    So why is it my home browser cannot opened by Google Chrome? Seems like Google is more concerned about simplicity-well not really. Personally-think it is a cop out to keep steering you to Google pages as a new way to market stuff. Do you know what simplicity is? When the stuff works the way I want it to work. The other part-the more popular you are, the more you can charge advertisers. If your not sure on this-go do some homework and see how much tv stations charge for advertising in the super bowl.

  • miguel

    Perfecto,funciono bien y rΓ‘pido,gracias por vuestra ayuda.

  • Tina

    Thank you. Back to Normalcy…

  • SlugLife

    And now to just let us have our homepage button on Chrome for Android.
    Appears there is no option to get that? The entire Appearance menu is gone from the menus.


  • Govert

    That’s easy enough, if at least you can find the “Tools” button. But on my version of Chrome for Android there is no wrench /tool button to be found, and under settings, nothing like the possibility of setting a home page. Any suggestions?


  • Greg

    I to have noticed this…. no wrench on my android… no signing into chrome… no sync…. why is there no wrench… how is this suppose to work????

  • raygun

    I just find chrome too confusing to use. I hate it even though it is faster and loads much better than explorer. I dont want to spend the rest of my life tryin to figure out how to use this. I have been using computers for 25 years.

  • Austin


  • Cecily Wilson

    Thank you very much for your help: nice, clear instructions … the illustrations made all the difference to me … Really appreciated:-)

  • Shan

    Thank you soooo much for this, really helpful.

  • google sucks

    i am still trying to get this google chrome crap off of my computer, it is like a disease, it still keeps telling me i have to close all google chrome windows and then try to uninstall again. I have done this numerous times, and yet it still says close google chrome windows. I have absolutely no browser windows open on my computer, not even through my default web browser which is internet explorer. Google chrome keeps signing me back in each time i pull it up to try to close all chrome windows. Each time i sign myself backout so that i may get this disease off of my computer

    • CG

      Me too! No icons, yahoo mail look has changed, wish i’d never bothered with chrome! Looked for all the answers, followed everything reccomended, still no joy!!

  • vikram


  • Andy

    Thanks – helped me figure it out. Latest version of Chrome (V22.0.1229.79m) doesnt seem to have a wrench icon though – just three horizontal bars. Is that meant to be some kind of list (rhetorical)? Still, “Settings” is buried in there, and you instructions work after that πŸ™‚

    • David Kirk

      Thanks, Andy. I’ve updated the original article to show the changes to the icon. Thanks for contributing to tech-recipes!

  • doug

    I have no home button nor do I have any appearance choice in the settings dialog. All I have is basic and advanced with no appearance choice.
    When I start Chrome it always goes back to where I last was and opening a new tab shows me bookmarks.
    I have an original wifi Xoom running Jelly Bean and Chrome v18.0

    Is there something I am missing?

  • Crankcase

    Chrome v22 is sht. It often refuses to open a webpage that even IE9 allows with no problems! Hear all about it…Internet Explorer 9 is better than Chrome v22 now. It’s a retarded geek browser for idiots. The fact is that the Chrome developers have been stuffing their fat faces with too many Mars Bars and it’s poisoned their brains.

    • Dave Jerome

      Thanks for the laugh! πŸ™‚
      I agree – what next… maybe Google developers should get rid of the Settings button completely… the Settings button “Formerly known as Wrench”.
      Why not go all the way, perhaps Google can get rid of the capability of going to any web pages other than Google? When you click search, it shows results, but all the links go back to Google. Next project!

  • Mussie

    Thank you for this easy guide!

  • Jacob Foley

    thanks!!! i went to press the home button but it was no where to be found. now i feel secure haha πŸ™‚

  • Mr. Jason Alan Ward

    Yeah; genius. Now will (another) genius tell me how to resurrect the “Go” button. Oh; don’t tell me; people are “getting away” from “going” to URLs too…
    REALLY ??? WTF

  • roger

    reduce 1 menu level on next update, please
    have a great day, Love to ALL

  • Robert

    David, Thanks for the simple and useful fix. Worked Great!!!

  • J

    On my Nexus 7, there is no “Appearances” under “Settings.” WTF? Please advise.

    • David Kirk

      This tutorial doesn’t work for the Android version of Chrome. It only works for the Windows and Mac versions.



  • boss

    These instructions are useless for Chrome for Android

  • John Donlan

    I am using Google Chrome as my browser. I have only designated as my homepage in internet options, but when I click on my homepage icon, I get yahoo search page. How do I get it to show correctly.

  • Felicia

    wow, this is disappointing. In my quest for the home button, I accidentally shut down the browser and lost all the tabs I had open. (yes, I was multi-tasking!) I am going to try “continue where I left off” for future browsing.

  • D.sudhakae

    your method is not working my computer which is new version

  • Chrystal Johnson

    ok hi

  • adam

    I am using a nexus 7 and I do not have the ‘3 lines’ icon in my chrome browser. So how do I add the homepage icon?

  • gilloz

    How can I delete the toolbar or launcher bar in the lower Right corner of my Google Chrome home page? It has 6 icons. Goggle, Amazon, Games, Facebook, YouTube and Dating.

  • William Schafer

    My home button on Google chrome will not work. What I get is a blank screen. I must shut down Google and start over every time I try to use the home button.

  • nils

    How about chrome mobile kfhd. Thanks

  • alison

    I wonder why I can’t load google chrome on my computer??

  • Jon Whiteehad

    Have just had to use the google chrome, forced no doubt by your company, I fail to see why you so glibly put that no one uses the home page any more as they are moving away from it, I would point out that you would not be answering this complaint it that were the case, can you tell me why the “like” tab contains the print instruction, what planet are your designers on , clearly some other one not the one that most of your annoyed new users are on, pull your socks up, and why not ask people their opinion. I have just spent 10 minutes trying to save a page, shame on your design team.

  • mac

    I am having trouble with the homepage icon. I have it working such that when I bring up Chrome it goes to “my” homepage, but then at any time later, I click the homepage icon, it goes to a New Page. (using Chrome Version 24.0.1312.57 m on Windows 7) If I go to “settings” then “appearance” then “show home page” and try to change the homepage URL it is greyed out and locked on “Use the New Tab page”. If I click the diamond shaped note “thingy”) it says “this setting is set by your administrator”.

    I just downloaded Chrome before I started to set it up and I am an administrator on the machine. Did some type of administrator from the company network reach in as soon as I loaded Chrome (they told us to do it) and lock it up. Is there some place that I can go (as the administrator) and reset the option.

  • Melanie

    Your the BOMB! Thank you so much!! It’s the simple stuff that counts!!

  • Ann

    Thank you so much for good clear instructions – my home button is back – I missed it. Your help is appreciated though I do feel stupid because I’d checked SOME of the Chrome instructions and didn’t read down far enough to find this out for myself!!

  • yazz

    thank you your website was very helpful. Thank You!!

  • Robert Goerger

    I just got chrome & am having a problem with home page. On my other browsers I have the same page for start & home, but chrome is a problem. It goes to the correct page on start but if I then browse & hit the home button it says url not found! How can it find it on start but not on home? I have went thru settings>appearance> etc & I do have the proper url listed. Any help for me? Please email me ’cause I don’t know if I can find this page again!

  • Sue Edwards

    David Kirk says that most users have gotten away from using homepages – how do people manage without their homepage?

  • Walker

    The tutorial does not appear to apply to an iPad/Chrome mobile,

  • V

    Thank you! Nice to have back my home button! πŸ˜‰

  • c0AX

    Total BS!!! No Home button on Google Chrome is overlooking millions of users. I AM ONE!!!
    No, I am not arrogant. You are…
    Austin, Tx

    • Andrew

      Not sure who you are suggesting is arrogant. Mr Kirk is not responsible for Googles decisions, and is providing a valuable service allowing us to figure out how to get what we want. I for one am grateful. I too was a homepage addict 12 months ago, but now find myself using my homepage less as I get used to having a search available directly in the browser. There are billions of users, and we all have different preferences; courtesy costs nothing. Please avoid expresing your frustration with Chrome towards someone who wants to help you.>

  • steve

    Struggling to get basic functionality in chrome like browsers that were standard in classic browsers !!! How come ??? Instead tons of literally useless extensions !!! Missing home buttons clean like context menu, drop context menu for extension sort out and list goes endless ! Fisrt of all fixing basic things in chrome like browsers and then showing and bragging of !!!!

  • Ann

    I’m trying to get the home button back, however when I open Google Chrome I don’t have either the 3 horizontal lines or a wrench icon. Now what??

    • Andy

      Hi Ann – thats weird!! You could try Alt-F
      That seems to open the same menu as the three bars/wrench icon, so may get you access to the Settings option? I have NO idea how to get the Settings icon back though. Let us know if Alt-F helps – your feedback may help others, even if it doesnt work. If not, what device are you running Chrome on? Previous comments indicate that this doesn’t apply to iPad or Chrome mobile. Only seems to work on Windows PC or Mac. Good luck.

  • Francine Nault

    When I put my cursor on Google Chrome in my task bar a (3) shows up next to GC what does it mean?

  • paul

    i’d had a problem with windows 8 ( its crap basically ) and now i have my internet back up and running (no thanks to PCworld who only want your money in exchange for help ) my home logo has dis-appeared so thank you for showing me how easy to get it back with just a ticked box easy when you know how,

  • mehmood jafri

    hi sir fine here,i was just want to place the home button on tool bar then I read ur instruction although it was already set from ur given process in the setting tab ,so i therefor thanks to u that u hav had much experience using google chrome,I request u that my pc is displaying message it has about 3000 errors which I tried to scane but not repair and scaned if u plz send me solution or free repairing download and scaning,I also want to show the mail box icon on the tool bar where i can easyly chek mail,ur given instruction will be useful for me and I’ll very thankful to u and ur cooperation wil highly be appreciated.

  • Natalie Bishop

    I have read your instructions on home button (toolbar) restoration but I do not have the “three line” button and also no “wrench” button to access options. What now?


    • Andy

      Hiya, have you tried my comment from 1st November? Not sure if Alt-F will get you to the same settings menu, Ann never replied :(. Would be useful if you could confirm if it works (or not), as you’re the second person with the same problem. Good luck.

  • karen peel

    thank you l did what you suggested and got my icon back – why does it change is it what l do or what ?

  • CantRead

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    I cannot get the home button to load, what am I missing ?

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    Do you know to bring the font, colour, size etc back to my google chrome when writing a word document? It has disappeared and I can’t get it back

  • Pat Gibson

    Why is there record of everything I do on Yahoo search engine showing up i google history?

  • Dilip Rane

    How to set homepage on chrome browser on mobile? Chrome version 32.0.1700.99

  • ket


    I would like to know how to delete previous search history in google chrome in windows 8.I have google it,but in vain.still it shows previos search history.please let me know .

  • Maureen Herrel

    I have the latest version of Google Chrome. I change the settings so that the Home button appears, then when I re-open the browser, the Home button is gone. I am using version Version 33.0.1750.154 m on a Windows 7 machine.
    I have tried this several times and it continues to happen. Please help.

  • Robin Dulake

    thank you for such clear help, I wait for the blue circle to stop going round & round & I will click on the triple line bar & follow your brilliant instructions.

  • stefan

    In my chrome this settings are disabled and there is info that I should be administrator to change it, but I am administrator…. What should I do? reinstal chrome??

  • Melissa

    Thank you!! This was very helpful. I have always used IE and am new to Google Chrome but, out of habit I guess, needed my homepage to go back to in between browsing.

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