iPhone : Disable Camera Connected Message in Windows XP

   Posted August 13, 2008 by Jimmy Selix in Apple iPhone

Tired of that “Camera connected” notification window? This recipe explains how Windows XP users can disable/change autoplay options when connecting an iPhone to a PC. Hint, its not in iTunes. 🙂

Sick of getting this Camera connected prompt each time you connect your iPhone to your PC (windows xp)?

Lets fix that!

1. Connect iPhone to PC

2. Open up My Computer.

3. Find the iPhone icon, right-click on it and click on Properties.

4. On the Properties window, click the Events tab.

5. Then under Actions choose the Take no action option to disable further prompts when you connect your iPhone.


You can also change your option to start a certain application such as the Microsoft Scanner and Image Wizard (transfer pictures from iphone to xp by davak)

Voila! No more prompts!


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  • !

    Dear god, thank you!

  • Harrrie

    Brilliant, Simple, Easy, It worked. Thanks a bunch!

  • to get it back; you just go back to the same area in my computer adn choose the option to ” Prompt each time i connect device” 🙂

    • Guest

      that was a really stupid question

  • JB

    So lets say I want it to run itunes when I connect my ipod…
    iTunes isn’t in the list of programs available to start when i connect.

    How do I run automatically run iTunes when I connect my iPod ?

    • Aaron DeVandry

      I want to know this as well.

      • Guest

        With the iPod/iPhone connected, open up iTunes. in the navigation pane on the left, you should see the iPod in the devices section. Go to the summary page, and the first option will say “Open iTunes when this iPod is connected”. Make sure that option is checked.

  • Seth

    perfect! thanks!

  • shineeRtheSEX

    OMG i actually found this info on the internet haha THANK you =D that message annoyed the hell out of me my ipod is not a camera jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz haha

  • Paul Christiansen

    Thanks for this tip. Was driving me mad ! 🙂

  • Alex

    thank you

  • Willy

    By god, it wasn’t iTunes after all! Thank you!! 😀

  • WW

    Thanks a lot!

  • Dimitris

    it was under our nose! jesus. things are simple. THANK YOU!

  • Seth

    Microsoft wins! Thank you.

  • w

    Thanks! Great info!

  • wesindc

    Thanks. I should know that as a sys admin but its the little things you forget. Great walk through.

  • Name

    Thanks for the tip! One less minor annoying thing for me to deal with… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Why do I not get the same properties box when i right click on iphone? All I get is a one tab titled general?

  • Thanks so much. I searched for this information on Google, and this article came up. It was clear and precise, and I was able to disable that annoying pop-up right away.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect, thanks!

  • Harry Campbell

    Think! before you make this change.

    After doing this “wonderful change” I’m not able to access the pictures on my phone any more. The iPhone no longer shows up in the “same area in My Computer” so there is no way to change the option back to prompt each time I connect. I’ve been trying to *undo* this annoyance avoidance change for 2 years now with no luck.

  • Nick

    Awesome tip and very easy. Thanks!

  • Guest

    AWESOME!!! Thank you! That window WAS so annoying, but not anymore!

  • Shane

    Thanks a lot! Sea monkeys are smart.

  • Anonymous

    When I connect my iPhone to my computer I get this message. Okay, I stopped it, but the problem is that my iPhone doesn’t connect to iTunes! How do I fix that?

    • Blackhole

      You will have to start iTunes manually.

  • Janet

    My Action options were all greyed out.

    Then I remembered I probably have to be running under an admin account. (I always run under a user account — perpetual reminder from my antivirus checker).

    Will probably work now.

  • Logan2162


  • Thanks for the tips! Very useful for any iPhone or iPod Touch user.

  • F0nz1e

    Thank you!

  • Biggie

    Tired of that notification? You Betcha!
    Thanks and plus one for this article. Myself and others at my organization will be implementing this as soon as possible. I will raise a glass to you tonight Good Sir Jimmy Selix!

  • Mark

    Thanks for the helpful TIP! i hate that feature and had to suffer for months lol.

  • Jeff

    for those of you who don’t get the tabs needed when you go into Properties (like me), go into Control Panel on your computer, and then into autoplay, then scroll down to devices: you can change the prompt option in there as well, by hitting the drop down and selecting “take no action”

  • Elliott


    Thank You! Your solution worked great on my Windows 7 computer.